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FC9 2 Bugs: German on Right click and FSX Plan path won't save


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Bug 1:

Upon accessing the Flight Plan Open or Save option... you're brought up with the File Name to use. If you right click the text you entered or selected, you're given the options to Copy, Paste, etc. Unfortunately, the options to perform such tasks are in German instead of English. I've not seen any other fields, options, etc... that is showing in German.

Bug 2:

I'm unable to save the mapped drive to my FSX Flight Plans which in my case would be the P:\. I'm able to browse to it through Windows and event the FSC DBManager is able to access the network drives without a problem and read from it to rebuild its DB. If I go under Windows > Options > Flight Plan... I see that I can select "Folder Flight Simulator X files (flight plan)" which shows a local path, if I then select my network drive (P:\) it proceeds to setting the P:\ and then I hit the Close button, but once reopening the Flight Plan again it does not go to the P:\. If I stay in the Options window and select my network drive and flip through the tabs it does not save the options and prompts me again to "Choose now FS X flight plan folder Flight Simulator X files". Interesting enough, if I select the P:\ under the "X-Plane" it saves without a problem.

Please help!!!


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Little update on the second Bug... found a workaround by editing the following in the FSC.INI:



Looks like FSC doesn't want to accept paths without sub folders, but also noticed that one of the path shown to me by FSC had double \\, so decided to give it a go and it did the trick. Still hope that it gets fixed in the code.


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Hi Kelvyn,

ad bug1) we recently became aware of this and will fix it within the next time. Since we are using a German Windows, we could not notice this

ad bug2) Volker checked that today on his own network system and could reproduce the error you mention. So something goes wrong in your case. I suggest that you first check page 120 of the printed manual where two screenshots show exactly what things should look like. If the problem persists would you please send the corresponding screenshots from your system to Volker whose address you find at the bottom of our website wwww.fscommander.com.



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Thanks for the reply. I see the difference between you guys setup and mine. I use mappings that directly map to the FSX folders, so for example P:\ will map directly to ...\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\. As you can see, you guys map to the top folder and then navigate to the sub folder (which in this case would be a FSX one) for selection.

So in order to replicate the issue, don't map to, as an example, "My Documents"... map to "\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files" and then give it a shot. Does look like that the application is looking for a trailing "\" which can only be added by editing the FSC.INI. I've added a screenshot and you'll see the FSX folder install and FSX plan paths have double "\\" and as a test I used the P:\ for "X-Plane" and you can see that it has no problem accepting the root path without an extra trailing "\".

post-16000-089135900 1289217517_thumb.pn

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