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Two Minor Issues with FSC 9.0

Tony V

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When I use the autoheading button on the GPS, it doesn't seem to keep a perfect lock on the next waypoint. If there is a crosswind, I will drift off to the side by a considerable amount before I get to the next waypoint. FSC8.6 seemed to be better able keep flying in a straight line to despite what the winds were.

And the other problem I have is with setting the altitude. In FSC8.6 when I would make a flight plan, FSC8.6 would only let me set the altitude dependent on the direction of flight. (000-179deg would fly at odd number FLs FL290, FL310, and 180-359deg would fly at even number FLs, FL300, FL320). FSC 9.0 doesn't restrict what the FL is set. Could you change that back?




Vista 32bit

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Hi Tony,

the first observation you state cannot be true simply because we did not make any change in this autoheading routine. 8.6 and 9.0 are absolutely identical wrt autoheading. Crosswinds are being considered as you can tell by the fact that frequently the nose of the aircraft symbol is not straight ahead, but slightly turned to the direction from where the wind is coming.

Wrt to your second observation, you are absolutely right. In 8.6 altitude could be increased only in 2000ft steps. As various users pointed out, this is plainly wrong. First above a certain altitude 1000ft steps are legal, and furthermore there are country-specific difference. Furthermore, we introduced 500ft steps as requested by various VFR users. So in principle we could change it back, but we won't because it was a mistake on our side.



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