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I have just purchased WIDEFS, but am unable to register it as it has a different email address than my previously registered FSUIPC. How do I fix this issue? I am unable to change the data in the name and address box.

You are using an out of date and unsupported version of FSUIPC then. In all versions published this year (2010) the Installer allows different email addresses for FSUIPC and WideFS.

The name must be the same, that's all.


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So, what do I do? I just installed the latest version of FSUIPC. Can I find a supported version?

What version number is this so-called "latest" version? It evidently CANNOT be the true "latest" version or you'd have no problem. So far you've given no information at all, not even whether you are talking about FSUIPC3 or 4.

So many folks come here saying they have the "latest version" and it turns out, when they eventually manage to tell me its number, to be a year or more out of date. By "latest" they seem to mean "the last one I bothered to look for".

The oldest supported versions are 3.98 for FS9 and before and 4.60 for FSX and beyond. They are the ones available on the official Schiratti "Dowson" page as documented. The installers for both allow registration for FSUIPC and WideFS on separate email addresses. It is all detailed in the Installation and Registration guide which is within the same ZIP as the Installer. Download and read!!!


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