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MY traffic 5.3a Crash FSX and strange navlights


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PMDG MD11 north of KDFW (FS2Crew, FsDreamteam,GEX and UTX, Radar Contact 4 )

The new strobelights in the sky looks wonderfull, the sky looks beautifull. The nav lights on the wings looks bizar like two big red and green cocoons.

I have two times encountered ctd because FSX can't seems to handle planes getting to close. A Hercules came close and CTD. So I guess My Traffic 5.3a did it?

I have just also changed my tweeks with Bojotes Tweaking and Tuning tool for (FSX SP2/Accel - ESP/Prepar3D)

Any idea.

All the best

Jens Michlas

Copenhagen, Old DK

Asus P6X58D Premium-X58-1366

Intel Quad Core I7-980X 3.33

Zalman Cnps10x Extreme CPU Cooler

6 GB 3x2 1866 MHz Corsair Cl7 GT

1 TB WD Black-WD1002FAEX SATA 3

Samsung Blueray

Corsair HX-1000w modular PSU

MSI Geforce GTX 295 1792 PhysX CUDA Driver: 260 .93_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_international

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

I have: FSX acceleration, SDK installed all the way from FSX through sp1 sdk to this one.

REX Real Environment Extreme, Active Sky Evolution, My Traffic 5.3a,

X pax, Fspassenger. Though these two programs seem to create some havoc so not installed just now.

TrackIR5 , Trible Head2go 3840x1024@60 HZ, 32 bpp, Radar Contact 4, Hotas Cougar, FsBuild, .

Tweaks: Bojotes Tweaking and Tuning tool for (FSX SP2/Accel - ESP/Prepar3D) and nHancer now secondary and having a rest.

Then all the good planes from PMDG: 747, 747-8i,, MD-11, Captain Sim: 707, 767, 757, 727. Wilco: Airbus series I, II & 380, Legacy, 737, 777. CLS: DC-10, A340, Level-D: 767, Cool sky Super 80 Classic and pro, flight1: Atr 75-500, Majestic Software Q300, Just Flight: CS C-130. Flightsim Labs: Concorde X.

FS2Crew: Pmdg747, PMDG MD 11, Wilco Airbus’s, Level-D 767, Atr 75-500, PIC 737, FSUIPC: Registered,

Scenery: AES, Ground X Traffic, FsDream scenery: Zürich, O'Hara, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Honolulu and JFK.

Ground Environment: North America and Europe. UTX Europe and USA, (FranceVFR: Paris; vfr, autogenpack – not installed because of messy procedure for installing). ImagineSim: Cincinatti, La Guardia. ORBX: Whole Australia and YMML V2, YBCS and YBBN. FS global 2010, UK2000: Edinburgh, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow & Heathrow. Aero-Files: Vagar Extreme. Aerosoft: Venice, German Landmarks, MegaAirport Brussels, Mega Airport Frankfurt & Münich, Mega Airport Barajas, Baleares, German Airports Bundle 3, Charles de Gaulle and Tahiti. FLY TAMPA: Hong Kong, Sint Marten. Fly wonderful Island La Gomorra. Overland: Incheon Airport. LATINVFR: TTCP. FSDreamteam: Zürich, O’hara, JFK, Ft.Lauderdale, Honolulu, KDFW. CR-software: German Landmarks FSX V2.1. Tropical sims: 16 airport X generation bundle

SceneryTech: Africa, South America Landclass. Asia and Indo-Asian Landclass.

And lots freeware scenery of the individual countries usually but not many now because of new computer.

Sound: TSS and SynchroSoft for many aircrafts, Audio Environment.

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Take off all the tweaks with that tool and try again, none of the beta team has had any such CTD with 5.3a as far as I am aware, Burkhard would have mentioned it if that was the case.

Please, in a case of an FSX crash try to give us the location and simulation time as close as possible, then we can fly around there and try to reproduce it.

Did you make a full install or an update?

I know of two reasons FSX may crash in relation to AI traffic.

a) A bug in the aircraft config file, to refer to a non existing model folder. We have tested this a lot, but of course with about 500 model folders referenced 5000 times, there is a tiny chance we missed one. This would need a fix from my side.

B) Files on computer disks do get bad. Thermal noise, cosmic radiation, weird anti virus software, buggy defragmentation tools, and a lot of other reasons can make files bad. Loading a corrupted mdl can crash FSX, as much as loading a corrupted bgl.

If you can reproduce a crash at the same location and same time, so check if it also happens 100 minutes later. If it does it is an error in a scenery file, not in an aircraft.

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