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FSC screen is not shown


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For more than a month I'm using FSC9.

Up till now no problems at all, everything worked great till yesterday.

Yesterday programs closed and system shut down as normal.

No new installations of any kind done.

No configuration changes of any kind done.

Today system start FSX start OK.

FSC9 start.

Splash screen appears

Databases are loaded.

Selection screen appears for choosing an airport.

Airport selected.

On the lefthand corner of the screen a window tries to open for less then half a second.

FSC screen does not appear.

FSC is running as I can see on the taskbar and in Windows task manager.

All other programs FSX etc run normally and are correctly displayed

I already tried warm and cold restart with and without running FSX.

Changed screen resolution.

Added a second screen.

Rebuild FSC database

None of these changes had any result.

It looks like the FSC window is outside the screen area or is hidden.


W7 fully updated

FSC9 build 201010

What can I do?

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Hi Volker,

Thanks for the solution.

In the mean time I removed FSC9 and a new installation.

Even this did not work.

After editing the FSC.INI as you suggested FSC9 works again fine.

I will post your solution on the forum of my online group.

Have you any idea what casused this problem in order to avoid it for the future.

Once again many thanks for your help.


Jacob / KLM234

Hi Anonymous,

1-open the file FSC.ini with an editor

2-search for WINX= and WINY=

3-replace an value with 0 (zero)

4-must be look like



5-save the file


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Hi Volker

I am experiencing exactly the same problem which has only started in the last 2 days, after weeks of no problems.

I think it was triggered when I pressed the RESTORE DOWN (ie not MINIMISE or MAXIMISE). I also resinstalled the program and the same has happened again.

I have reset the

WINX = 0

WINY = 0

When I select airport the window flashes momentarily and the fsc.cfg file is altered by FSC9 again to

WINX = -245760

WINY = -245760

It is hard to understand why this problem has just come to light, unfortunately I cannot get it to work at all.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit and wonder whether some Windows update has triggered this? No problems with windowing in any other program, though.

Luckily I can still use FSC 8.6 without which I would (literally) be lost.

Any solution would be much appreciated.


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Hi Rory,

after experimenting with various options we believe that we found out what is happening. It appears that this is something that occurs only under Windows 7 and, quite frankly, we do not understand the principle behind this.

The values you describe (and which are saved in the ini file) appear if you first minimize the main FSC window and then choose "close window" in the task bar. If you call the program again, it appears in the task bar, but not on the screen.

What you need to do in this case is to go with the mouse on the FSC icon in the task bar. As a consequence a little preview window appears above the task bar as is the general convention in Windows 7. Then you need to click with the RIGHT mouse button on this preview window in which case a pop-up menu appears, from which you choose "Maximize". Of course, the best way is to never close the program when it has a minimized status.


Sascha & Volker

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