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Strange routing with SID's


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Hi, I'm still playing with FSC at the moment and have found what appears to be an anomoly.

EGKK ( or any other airport for that matter ) to HESH, inserted a SID DVR2P

When I view the map the route starts half way down the RWY veres off to the right over some buildings

to join my first WPT Tunby.

With my PMDG the same FP and SID takes me 3/4 of a mile past the end of the RWY on RWY HDG before

making any turn towards Tunby !!!!

I also noticed this with other airports, EDDM RWY 26L KPT1S SID the route starts from the centre of the airport !!!

KJFK RWY 31R ALL SID's start from the cente of the airport

Can this be right ????



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Yes, that's right and the reason is very simple: when you set up a flighplan you have not choosen the departure rwy (normally you don't know that at that time). That's what you are doing when you sit in your aircraft and enter the pln into the FMC/FMS. And thats the reason, why FSC9 gives you the choice when saving the pln into PMDG-format to save it with or without SID/STARS.

But anyway, in your case EDDM with KPTS1 MSE will always be the first waypoint.

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Hi, many thanks for your reply. That still doesn't seem right to me, When I'm sat in the cockpit finalising my departure

I enter the SID for the RWY in use that should then route me from that RWY to my first WPT and not from the

centre of the Airport.


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