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well now i have given up to get those led to light up, but set so ap master would show if ap is on or not. rest is only viseble in the vc, but normaly no problem just nicer if could do it the right way, but due to limit knolege.

but macro seemed to work best so credit to guenseli for his work, just think it was easyer to include the file whit the litle changes, in fact added 1 or 2 lines. and the LUA for display is like the Airbus X.

Just insert the 2 files in the modules folder (same folder as fsuipc is located)

1) Open GFConfig (where you asigne) changes nearly all function for the mcp to no assignment. (should stay default crs knob, crs display, vs wheel, vs display and ap master)

2) start fs now the LUA runs when the plane is loaded if it is blank don't worry when macro comands are set in next step then turn the buttons for HDG, speed and alt then it should show it rigtht.

but normaly it only happens, that the displays are blank if you load another plane first.

3) setup se picture first go to the page then press button you want to asign then say specific. Then set select for fs control and go down and find the macro you are looking for, a hint is type p then scrol down.

when done press another button and chek that all is as the first time. when all is set just press ok and your ready to fly.

Best regards LN



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Ok here is the version for the GF MCP-PRO for FSX. It stil uses macro for the buttons and rotations and Lua for led and displays.(as note some times the displays dosent show the same as in the VC at start up just rotate all the buttons inside the VC of the plane as that might be faster then wait on the variable to be loaded. but when it first show it right it would do for the rest of the flight it seems to be the way it reads the Lvars from the planeat start up.

So lets get started,but first of all the led and display would not work at the first step here as it is first when we have edit the fsuipc.ini file just so you dont wounder why nothing happens or dosent seem right.


1 ) Take the files from the PMDG-J41-Goflight folder and place them in the modules folder of the flight simulator (same location as fsuipc is in when instaled)

2 ) Start the flight simulator and select the J41 whit the PMDG livery (House Livery).

3 ) Open FSUIPC and select buttons + switches then press a button and select aircraft specific then select for FS control.

4 ) now go down to control sendt when button pressed and press p then go down to the comand the key should do acording to the picture i made (note i havent set the names for rotation buttons as i think thas logicaly)

5 ) when you have set it to what it should be then press a new button and do the same until you have set all the buttons.

6 ) when you should set the rotation buttons it is importan that you also set the control when button released just below and find the same name as set for control send when button pressed. this is required becaus els the rotation button would work right.

(as note if you wounder why there is a fast and slow funtion it is becaus if you slowly rotate the key number is 1 number when you rotate the button it might be anothere normaly increase or decrease whit 1 from the slow funktion so remember to set both slow and fast by slow and fast rotate)

7 ) When done press ok and exit FSX as then we have to edit the fsuipc.ini file

8 ) open the fsuipc.ini file loceted in the modules folder and start searching for ShortAircraftNameOk=NO if you havent changesed it before. then edit no to yes (ShortAircraftNameOk=Yes)

9 ) now look for the profile you made for the buttons you just assigned might look like this whit a lot of codes below: [buttons.PMDG Jetstream 41 House Livery]

Then edit the line to this: [buttons.PMDG J] the reason for this is that we want the buttont to work for all the J41 plane liverys not for only the plane we assigned it whit.

10 ) now go to the end of the dokument then make a cler line below the last line and insert this so we can get the displays and led working:

[auto.PMDG J]

1=LUA J41-displays



here is a ex of what i mean:

if this is the last part in the dokument then jump 1 place down and ad the line from above this way:

[buttons.Boeing 737-800 Paint4]







[auto.PMDG J41]

1=LUA J41-displays


[Auto.PMDG Jetstream 41]

1=LUA J41-displays



If you only use the GFMCP-PRO whit out any othere GF devices just quit the goflight driver when it runs as it isent required and you are done ready to fly.

If you use goflight driver for other hardware create a profile whit the goflight setup tool and name it like PMDG-J41, then go to my dokuments and open the file you just created

Look for [GFMCPPRO_1] inside the dokument then delt that line and all the way down to you se a new device indicated whit [] around the name of the device so there is no codes for the MCP-PRO anymore.

Save it and colose the dokument and right click the dokument then properties and set read only. this would prevent goflight program to type what you just have delt. as when you have selected another profile and you then want to fly the J41 agiain, gf program cant changes it as read only. and thas required as no fun in delting the lines every time you want to fly the J41 after used a profile for anothere plane.


GF-MCP-PROJ41-version 1.0.zip

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well i found a problem when you use the 2 planes that it came whit. and the livery you can download the main problem is they changsed the names in the liverys you download seperately and thats why it might not work.

to solve it just rename the file for buttons [buttons.PMDG Jetstream 41 House Livery] to [buttons.PMDG J] and the file that should run the display + led to:

[auto.PMDG J]

1=LUA J41-displays


I have updated the data above, sorry guys i just dident se it before the re-install.

and to show what cause it i had a look in the aircraft.cfg file

and watch here:

title=PMDG Jetstream 41 Flight Test

title=PMDG J41 - British Regional Denmark

you see why it stoped working?

because we use the first part PMDG Jetstream 41 then the othere would work as it is named different PMDG J41 there fore i renamed it PMDG J as that part is in both. as it should only run when we use the J41.

sorry one again.

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