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My Traffic 2010 for FS2004 Win7 64bit installation error


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I downloaded earlier this week both MA Amsterdam and My Traffic 2010 from Aerosoft with no problems.

The installation of MA Amsterdam was without problems and I thoroughly enjoy the way Amsterdam airport looks, it's really great!

But...when I try to install My Traffic I constantly get the error message "Couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator".

I entered the correct path, but that didn't work.

I have tried to read as many topics in the forums that I could find and due to that I have been able to check that my registry settings are correct.

I have even tried the FS registry tool and afterwards looked in the registry and everything was good. Still the same error.

I removed FS2004 from my computer completely, also any folders that remained and checked the registry that it was removed.

I then re-installed FS2004, made sure it was working, checked the registry that it was in order and it was.

I then tried to install My Traffic and .... same problem.

I even tried to download the product again from Aerosoft in case something went wrong during the original download, but that didn't help.

I think that I have read almost every topic in the forums and am almost at the point of pulling my hair out ;)

Can anyone help me???

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MyTraffic 2010 is a product by Aerosoft and supported on the Aerosoft forums, this forum deals with MyTraffic Professional by Simmarket. While these two programs have alot in common, the installers are different and I cannot support the Aerosoft installer since I just know nothing about it - they have their professional stuff to do this, you pay them for support so let them do their job.

What me caught is that you try to install MyTraffic 2010 to FS2004. MyTraffic 2010 is an addon to FSX, not FS2004, is using all the billions of improvements FSX offers over FS9 - and therefore neither MyTraffic 2010 nor any MyTraffic Professional 5.x version can be installed to FS2004.

The good news for you, though, is that the DVD version of Aerosoft contains the last version of MyTraffic made for FS9, which was MyTraffic 4.1. If you seek this software, this has been made public now, you can download it from


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Thanks Burkhard for your quick reply! :D

I now see that I did not read the product overview carefully enough, a bad habit many of us that work constantly with computers have ;) .

I would also like to apologise for posting on the "wrong" forum but I hope you can maybe understand that for a FS newbie

there are so very many FS forums and I thought that I was re-directed here from the aerosoft website but as I have been

trawling so many FS forums over the last week I was obviously not aware which forum I was on.

I am astounded, amazed and very much interested in all the information there is on these forums, but can be sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Amazing the help that you can get from everybody here.

I also have to say that I am finding the forums almost as addictive as flying haha.

Anyway thanks for the help and setting me straight ;) :D .

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