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Question about Mytraffic 2010 AI sounds


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I really don't like having to go through a forum to get a technical question answered on a product - especially when the forum has no bug-report thread at all, and the software author has no technical support email. It's crap service. Kind of like OrbX. That being said, here's my question. Please respond to my email address so I don't have to poke around this forum for 15 minutes trying to find an answer:

I purchased MyTraffic 2010 a few months ago. I've been upgrading AI traffic sound files, and have a couple of questions:

There are references in some airplane's AISound.cfg files to the following airplanes:



Neither of these airplanes exist in MyTraffic, as installed. Therefore, all the airplanes whose AISound.cfg files point to these airplanes are silent.

Should there be these two airplanes (C172MX and C12MX) in the MyTraffic package? Is my installation?

FYI, in order to get the airplanes whose AISound.cfg files point to these two airplanes (C172MX and C12MX), I have just created folders for each, created a Soundai folder in each, and placed the desired sounds files (soundai.cfg and .wav files) in them. Works fine, so far as AI sounds go, but of course, there is no AI model, if that was the design.



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Or, you could always press the "Watch Topic" button at the top of the page, which will e-mail you every time the thread is updated.

It'll even give you a direct link to click on, so you can get straight back to the thread.

Ian P.

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Thanks for the info on the notification button - I should have spotted it. Anybody have an answer to the (probably) missing C172MX and C12MX airplanes?

MyTraffic 2010 is supported by Aerosoft, so the right forum is http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showforum=108 and I expect this is also to be found in your documentation.

Here there is a very active MyTraffic forum, I propose that the moderators put this topic there, because I must say it is an interesting finding which I have to analyse.

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First finding:

Both aircraft have been in earlier versions of MyTraffic and have been removed some time ago since they did not meet the ever increasing performance requirements. Unfortunatly some links got broken due to this. I have to find the old files and a way to fix.

Users of MyTraffic Professionals do have the C12MX aircraft, they install it together with the other Time machine models, or manually by double clicking to MyTraffic\aircraft\C12MX.exe .

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