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Minimum Size of Map Window


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Hi Sascha & Volker

I have been happily using FSC for a number of years in my home built cockpit. Using Version 8.2 I was able to reduce the size of the FSC Map Window to about 400x400 pixels and run it as a moving map integrated into my main instrument panel as a normal instrument size. I have recently built a new cockpit which is running FSX on 64 bit Windows 7. I have an evaluation version of FSC 9 and I had hoped to repeat the arrangement of integrating it into my new panel. It appears however that I cannot get the window to reduce smaller than about 800x600 pixels which is too large and out of proportion with the other instruments on the panel.

I think I read in the Forum that a new minimum window size had been set around Version 8.5 but that you may consider removing the limitation again. Unfortunately I can't now find the reference to that mail and I am not sure if I got the information correctly. Can you let me have the following information:

1: Am I correct in stating that there is a minimum size for the map window?

2: Is there any way around it, even at the expense of hiding some of the buttons?

3: Do you intend to make any changes in the near future that would allow the window to be reduced without limit as before?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Michael,

your observation is correct. We removed the so-called "Reduce Window" Option (there was also a button for that) after launching a kind of poll in this forum asking people whether they used or even insisted on this feature.

At least those who responded stated they virtually never used this feature and could happily live without it. Therefore we removed it.

Originally the feature was introduced for people running both FS and FS Commander on the same monitor. Since it turned out that more and more people had a two-monitor set-up, we felt that the necessity of this feature was becoming obsolete.



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