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FSC9 Several Issues


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FSC Ver 9.0 Build 16-03-2011 DB Manager Ver 9.0 Net Build 01-01-2011


Win 7 32

I have only FSX and ran db manager in that directory. However, when I open FSC it says loading info for FS2004. In Options in the Flight Plan window I point to the FSX files directory for saved flight plans and select and unselect the locations and systems to save to. Click Close. Fly and close FSC when done. Next time I open FSC same problems. Nothing in the Options was saved. Have to go through the same drill each time. Default is still for FS2004 which I don't have. When I click on Save As none of the selections I made last time as far as what directories to save to are saved and I have to again check and uncheck selections again. Despite these problems, files open okay and FSC connects okay and seems to work alright. I've rerun DB Manager several times but FSC can't seem to recognize anything FSX related.

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Hi ???,

if you have read the manual, then you have read the chapter 20: Loading databases for FS2004 or FS X.

Also on page 106 you'll see a hint.

If your settings under Options were not saved, then it may be due to the installation under Win 7.

Read our announcement: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66198-vista-and-windows-7-users-please-read/

If the installation was not performed correctly, various files will be written from the OS into the Virtual Store and there is no access.


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Did all that to the letter. Installed and run all programs as administrator. Installed to non-Program Files folders. Redid everything. Still the same problems. Appears that it actually loads FSX data since that's all that I have and runs okay. Just won't save options and thinks it's working with FS9. Do I need to set compatibility to XP?

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