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Weather / ATIS Issues


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Hi everyone,

I´ve tried to find a solution for this for quite some time but now I´m thinking that I need a new perspective because I´m stuck.

My problem:

I´m using FS9 with Radar Contact (RC) 4.2.3831 and Flightsim Commander 8.6 (FSC) for flightplanning (mostly flight in Europe). Usually I start FSC first ,select the departure airport, download real weather and do the departure and arrival planning based on the weather info FSC provides. Since FSC doesn´t tell me which rwy is in use , I do an intelligent guess based on the wind direction given by FSC. After that I save the flightplan for use with RC.

Next I fire up FS9 (put the plane at the departure airport - gate) and also download real weather. Then I start RC with the saved FSC-flightplan.

First thing I notice that if I compare the ATIS info by FS9 and the WX report by RC they´re quite different (sometimes FS9 has Oscar and RC has Lima).

Next thing is that I might have planned the wrong departure because now there is a different runway in use (FS9 has Rwy X in use and RC tells me it´s Rwy Z - same can happen upon arrival).

I´ve tinkered with a selfmade preflight procedure and switched steps back an forth. But I always seem to come back to the problem of how to begin the flightplanning. Which weather to use to avoid having to do the planning and routing again.

I´ve already placed a similar thread within the RC support forum. I got the advice there to update the FSUIPC Module (now version 3.98)along with the Makerwys Tool (now version 4.43 which I both did. It was also the use of a programm named Active Sky V 6.5 mentioned.

Is the use of AS the only solution for this? Do I have to buy another program? I´d like to do flightplanning with weather info so I know which SID/Star to use . Also I´d like to have ATC guidance (without having to use online atc- I´m not that good yet :grin: hence the use of Radar Contact.

And (to make matters worse) I´d like to do all of that with the Air Simmer Airbus.

Am I the only one who is trying to use FSC and RC together ???

Thanks in advance



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Hi Torsten,

the basic problem is that different programs seem to use different weather sources. Which each one does use is frequently a business secret of the respective program. FS uses Jeppersen, but which source exactly is unclear. IVAO again seems to use a different source. All I can say is that we use NOAA weather. About the others I can't tell.



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