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Read engine reverse in LUA script

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is there a way to understand if the engines reverse are engaged?

I have tried checking if the offsets 088C or 0B00 are equal -4096, but that does not seem to work.

Reverse is engaged when the throttle values are negative, not just -4096 which is the maximum reverse JOYSTICK input value. Different aircraft have different reverse thrust limits, defined in their Aircraft.CFG files, so it could be any negative number for full reverse -- and any negative number is some degree of reverse thrust.

088C is the current Engine 1 throttle setting. 0B00 only tells you what the maximum reverse value is for the current aircraft. It is a fixed value for that aircraft and will only be fixed at -4096 if that's the value defined in the Aircraft.CFG file. If all aircraft had -4096 as max reverse, by definition, then it would actually be a waste of an offset telling you that, would it not?

Be sure to treat the 16-bit WORD you are reading as signed, otherwise it will look like a very large positive number instead.



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