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Is it possible to use any of the Himalayas Meshes in FSX?

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Hi Holger

I recently read somewhere on a flightsim forum about your FS2004 Himalayas Mesh series and I could have sworn it indicated that they could also be used in FSX, and were compatible with Aerosoft's Lukla add-on.

So I went in and installed Lukla and your mesh fs_him_01.zip and found the relevant areas in my FSX scenery library and turned them on.

I think I am seeing the results of the mesh - the two main peaks (Mt Everest and Kula Kangri) have wonderful mesh detail, but whereas the larger area all around is covered in snow, the two peaks only have some snow, and have some large dark areas that look like they are either in very deep shadow or have a texture problem of some sort. You can also see the border where the mesh stops, but no doubt that's because I have just installed the one file.

I am somewhat of a Newbie in scenery setup and expertise, (probably evident...) so I would appreciate any feedback on this.

My scenery library at the top has Everest P1, Everest P2, and then your Himalayas mesh third down.

I have all the GEX and UTX's installed.

I have since discovered all your other Himalayas mesh files but not installed them as it may all be futile, hence my post.

I have a good screenshot to illustrate, which I can't get it down to the forum's 20k limit, but I'd be happy to mail it if you like.

Thank you


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