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sid/star error


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excuses me for my bad english but i'm french.

I just bought fsc9 for IFR use. I thought I could use the management sid and star but that there is considerable error.

For example, from Toulouse (LFBO) the sid ppg5b turns right while the left shows fsc9 ...

I find it really very boring and I found a solution either.

the software is not usable by the state

thank you

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Hi ???,

please read here...

...and here...


and if the errors continue appearing contact the Navigraph support.




See the answear from Navdata forum :-D:

Off Rwy 32L/R, the direction of turn displayed is a function of the FSC9 software rather than the AIRAC update. For example in Level-D with the same AIRAC data the turn is correctly shown to the right.

Now this might be because FSC derives its runway directions and data from FSX as per http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=2272

In any event I don't believe this is an AIRAC issue , but more likely an FSC issue. I suggest taking this up with the FSC developer in their forum.Cheers


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Sorry for my abscence but I was traveling for my job.

Thank you for having transmitted the response of Navigraph ...

If you want I can give you a screenshot of a map of french SIA for this star and a screen shot of that same star with FSC9 to show you the difference.

The two points are the same but the turn to reach them not.

thank you.


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to explain what the problems it is best to look at the specific situation. The course to the VOR is virtually a backcourse with a 180° turn. Since in all cases we calculate turns algorithmically (not on the basis of some database), it might happen that the turn goes to the "wrong" compared with the written instructions given in real life. There is relatively little we can do about this, except perhaps not draw a curve at all, but rather only a line back and forth.

This is, incidentally, what PMDG does, but nevertheless when flying the aircraft also turns left rather than right. But if the user prefers a right turn, he is free to do so.

Personally I find this a minor issue and Newbie's conclusion that the program is therefore "unusable" somewhat exaggerated.



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