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Latest Lua Package for FSUIPC and WideClient

Pete Dowson

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The Lua package for FSUIPC and WideClient is installed automatically for you in the FSUIPC Documents sub-folder in your FS Modules folder. It consists of the general introduction to the FSUIPC Lua facilities, a reference guide to the FSUIPC added library functions, and an extensive set of examples, some useful right out of the package.

In this post you will always find the latest update, which will often be more up to date than the one installed automatically for you.

Download it here: Lua Plugins Package

This now contains:

* the LuaFileSystem (lfs library) documentation
* the new display library for WideClient
* details of the gfd WP-6 and DIO facilities
* the terminate event.
* the ext library for handling external programs and windows--now extended with Shell, Keys and Message facilities.
* the mouse library.
* the new wnd library, for WideClient only
* wideclient ButtonScreen functions ipc.setbtncol and ipc.setbtnstate
* ipc.setowndisplay for speparate named, positioned and sized displays for each plug-in (FSUIPC only)
* event.Lvar for monitoring named gauge variables (L:Vars).
* ipc.SetFriction and ipc.RestoreFrictions, for manipulating SIM1's frictions in FSX/P3D
* DynamicFriction.lua example added, courtesy Bob Scott.
* Colour (red/white) parameter for the ipc.display function
* event.textmenu for intercepting application screen text messages and displaying them locally, and
also for displaying copies of application screen menus locally. (FSX SP2 and Acceleration only).
* A full set of mouse events in the event library, with an example "mrudder.lua".
com.gethidbuttoncount for FSUIPC4 and WideClient
* wnd.bitmap for displaying bitmaps (WideClient only).
* event.offsetmask for events on bit changes within offsets (not FSUIPC3)
* ext.hasfocus for testing which program has the current focus
* ipc.get and ipc.set operate across the WideFS network (on the one workgroup)
(This needs WideClient 6.999z1 or later and FSUIPC 4.958 or later)
* com.connected and event.comconnect, to detect HID device connectio status.
(Only in FSUIPC 4.971b and later, and 5.121c and later)
* Updated event.textmenu facilities, and a word-wrapping option in wnd.text (Both only in WideClient 7.145 and later, FSUIPC 5.13 and later for the textmenu).
* Updated instructions and links for using LuaSockets with FSUIPC5 and FSUIPC6.

For FSUIPC's Offset references, if you don't need the whole FSUIPC SDK, the offsets documentation is included in these two PDFs:

FSUIPC for Programmers (the offsets list is at the back and applies to FS9)
FSUIPC5 Offsets Status (Also FSUIPC4: applicable to FSX, ESP and P3D1-4)

If you are interested in using the USB / HID / Joystick facilities you may find this little utility helpful too. It scans your USB connections and lists lots of details for attached HID devices:


Have fun!


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