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VicPlus and CYYJ (2011) double parking and links

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I experience double parkings and parking links in CYYJ - see attached. Disabling the VicPlus AFX_CYYJ Victoria International.bgl is not sufficient. I tracked the issue down to VicPlus file gp_TA_9x.bgl which contains the lines.

Question: does gp_TA_9x.bgl contain lines also for other airports than CYYJ or can it be disactivated without creating other issues?




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Peter, you have two versions of CYYJ active. Almost everything will be duplicated. (There muist be a tremendous FPS hit!)

From your description, I suspect what you have done is installed CYYJ (2011) - Version 5.05 standalone without removing CYYJ from Victoria+.

If you re-run the CYYJ installer, you will have two options:

1. update the CYYJ in Vic+ - in which case you should remove standalone CYYJ, or

2. re-install CYYJ (2011) standalone and have the installer remove CYYJ from Victoria+.

The procedure is described starting at the bottom of page 2 of the User Manual.


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thanks for your advice.

I did not have the issue some time back, than I had to reinstall FSX for some reason. When I then reinstalled CYYJ (2011) I had chosen manual installation, so no files in VicPlus were renamed/deleted (total files in the "higher" folder were 224).

I now reinstalled CYYJ (2011) with the installer and all is fine.

In Vicplus "higher" folder are now only 156 files, the rest (including gp_TA_9x.bgl) has been deleted by the installer.

Thanks again


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