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blind pilots and fsc9?

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hello there,

i'm a blind person, and i control my aircraft by voice

see this one:


also i use my computer with a screenreader called jaws, which reads the texts on my computer.

i've heard that in FSC you can see waypoints, and can find the current heading to them.

sometimes in vatsim and ivao, the ATC is not available, and i cannot find the heading to my route, (i cannot see the GPS data to find the heading for that!)

i'm wandering, is there anyway, to get a text heading, from my position to my next waypoint in fs commender?

i'm going to purchase it, but need to know if this feature is available

if you need more cleare information, if i couldn't explain well, let me know,

and thanks for your support!

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apart from the information in the GPS window there is no separate text information on the aircraft's heading. If you need further information, you can also directly contact me via e-mail. The address you find at the bottom of our home page.




thanks for your reply,

well, that is sad... it would be awesome to find the heading/altitude, and heading to the waypoints in a separate text window, so that the blind pilots could get such an awesome benefit from it.

ok anyway, i've realised that my product is for aerosoft, not for simmarket.... is there any diffrense?

also should i still contact you for more information?


thanks for your support!

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It was litterly two years ago when i've posted this topic, and now i would like to inform you, and likely those who have do google searched to here, that the FSCommander is accessible to screenreader users, mainly jaws.

The menuBars above can be called by the alt key, the file plan window can be accessed via the jaws cursor, and while you are connected to fs and the gps window is open, you can use jaws cursor to view that window which includes your next waypoint, distence and estimated time to it, your current alt and GS/TAS, and AGL.

I'm not sure that either it was the 9.1 update which fixxed it, or it was likely recent update of our screenreader, or it was just me being noob, but now the gps window can be fully accessed!

Anyway, i'm very happy with my purchace. this program helps us to fly SIDS/STARS safely in online environments!

cheers to Sascha and other developers!



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