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Announcing MyTraffic Professional 5.4


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Dear friends, I'm happy to announce that MyTraffic Professional version 5.4, the 5th major release of MyTraffic for Flight Simulator X, has been sent to Simmarket a few minutes ago. It will appear on their server tomorrow.

Like all major updates to MyTraffic, this is a full stand alone version, so you do not need to update from an existing installation, but can install it as one fresh installation.

For all users who have purchased MyTraffic for FSX from Simmarket, again the product will be heavily rebated and cost 14€ only. A special crossgrade to update from MyTraffic 2010 will be available in a short time.

What is new in this major milestone?

The first thing sounds small, but alone was 3 months of hard work and was welcoed by all testers enthusistically.

The three most important airliner families, the Airbus A320s (A318,A319,A320,A321), the Boeing 737s ( From -300 to -900ER ) and the mighty 747s got widely remade, now with textured wings including textured moving parts on them ( flaps, ailerons, spoilers, etc ) and highly detailed gears. A lot of technology delevelopped for later models could be added to them, so that this huge optical improvement could be obtained without measurable performance penalty.

In this, of course the new Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747-8F and I got created, the former already flies with Cargolux. And more new aircraft could be added, the nice Sukhoi Superjet as example, and others rebuilt from scratch in the FSX SP2 data format, among them a Beech 350 and several actual military aircraft, from Lockheed C141 over Casa 212 to the Dassault Rafale. Now the milestone is reached that all actually used aircraft are FSX SP2 - nice DX10 materials combined with optimal performance.

New airlines got added, changes of airlines and mergers modeled, fleet changes went into the product, as well based on actual digital data as on Your feedback here on the forum - please continue to provide such feedback. Among the new airlines are Webjet from Brazil as well as Hong Kong Airlines.

Of course the schedules for the major airlines and those airports dominated by them are based on actual observation from this autumn.

But there are still more things waiting for you. MyTraffic Interactive got heavily improved. Not only got it far easier to assign flight plans to them without having to create one - you now can even create aircraft in mid air.

And if all this isn't enough realism for you, there is another news. Together with my long term partner Air Nav Systems I integrated their offer of actual real life AI schedules fully into the MyTraffic Communicator, and this subscription MyTraffic Live for 6 months to their unique data set will be available for users of MyTraffic Professional 5.4 exclusively for a quarter of what it costed before. If you have been using FSLive 3 before, and install MyTraffic X Professional now, just make sure you do not have their aircraft still installed, then you can directly go on using the MyTraffic Communicator. I hope this feature gets the interest it deserves and justifies the enourmous investments into it.

I'm sure I forget a lot of the 1000ds of changes since the last minor update, yes the new airports VOHS and VOBL come into mind, as well as the new 7L in Frankfurt or the new runway in KMSP - just enjoy it as soon as it is available.

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