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Question: FSUIPC c# DLL for read/write weather‏

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Hi All,

I am using DLL for C# (Paul Henty contribution)

I am using FSX

I am using windows 7

I have a question, I am trying to modify the weather offsets of the FSX and currently

I am not able to see any result.

I am programming as follows (taking into account the size indicated by

the NewWeather.h attached below):

private Offset<byte[]> weather = new Offset<byte[]>(0xc800, 1024);

short uCommand = BitConverter.ToUint16(weather.Value, 1);

short uFlag = BitConverter.ToUint16(weather.Value, 3);


(and so on)

Is this right? I am obtaining all values to zero and I don´t understand what

is happening. Does anybody have any example to set weather conditions using

the dll available?

Thanks in Advance.


I am using this structure to retrieve the data from the 0xc800

// Structure mapped to FSUIPC offsets

// C000, C400, C800 and CC00

typedef struct _NewWeather


unsigned short uCommand; // C000 C400 C800 CC00

unsigned short uFlags; // C002 C402 C802 CC02 // Not used at present -- leave alone or set to zero

unsigned int ulSignature; // C004 C404 C804 CC04

char chICAO[4]; // C008 C408 C808 CC08

unsigned short uDynamics; // C00C C40C C80C CC0C // 0=none, 4=extreme

unsigned short uSpare; // C00E C40E C80E CC0E

double dLatitude; // C010 C410 C810 CC10 // LLA zero for GLOB or unknown ICAO

double dLongitude; // C018 C418 C818 CC18

int nElevation; // C020 C420 C820 CC20 // metres * 65536

unsigned int ulTimeStamp; // C024 C424 C824 CC24 // mSecs since start of session

NewPress Press; // C028 C428 C828 CC28

NewVis Vis; // C02C C42C C82C CC2C

int nTempCtr; // C034 C434 C834 CC34 // Number of temperature layers

NewTemp Temp[24]; // C038 C438 C838 CC38

int nWindsCtr; // C0F8 C4F8 C8F8 CCF8 // Number of wind layers

NewWind Wind[24]; // C0FC C4FC C8FC CCFC

int nCloudsCtr; // C27C C67C CA7C CE7C // Number of Cloud layers

NewCloud Cloud[24]; // C280 C680 CA80 CE80

} NewWeather;

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