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evening every one,

the title says it all... even if I don't want to.

This morning I installed mytraffic X pro 5.3b and, after finding out that there was a newer version I also got version 5.4.

So far, about twelve hours later, I am still not one bit closer to seeing traffic as I was when I started.

I have read the manual(s) and what I read there is not very promising and if true (but I can be so wrong about this), all advertising for this program should start mentioning this.

According to the manual there should be only two files in the \Scenery\world\scenery folder referring to 'traffic'. I really hope this is not the case because I have 24 (yes twentyfour)

They all originate from scenery by orbx and point to the very local traffic of the respective airports (large and small).

I still hope that I am wrong but I really start to believe that all those 'traffic' files prevent me from using Mytraffic X.

Now, English is not my native language and so, it's probably my mistake but I find the interface to use this program rather difficult. I just can't figure out what the respective menu items do

and the manual isn't very helpfull either.

So is there anyone who can guide me through a 'normal' installation.

In the meantime, I have succesfully removed the original installation and I have my 'default' aitraffic back. This means that I can start from scratch if someone is willing to guide me.

oh, and before I forget, I also followded the FAQ and troubleshooting guide I found but, with about 300 different scenery packages installed, and quite a bunch of them with traffic files included,

I can but only suspect that it's an impossible task.

thanks for listening and if one of you feels up to it...

all help appreciated

Luc Brusselmans


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I think you found your problem yourself. You do have several file in FS8 data format that ruin your FSX setup, fly through mountains, lands perpendicular to runways and whatever those do. At the very least, they are incompatible to FSX AI traffic.

There are two option. As MyTraffic replaces all of them, and fills all airports with traffic, you can just delete all of those files - MyTraffic Communicator provides a tool to find these files - and with every deletion of such an FS8 file you remove a severe damage from your FSX setup.

If there really is a file you want to keep, since it offers something MyTraffic does not contain and replaces with 10 times the performance and higher quality, there are tools on the internet to convert FS8/ttools flight plans to FSX format, you will be astonished how much better those files work than.

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