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MTX 5.4 and UT2


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Hi Burkhard and Happy New Year

I really have a challenge since I updated to 5.4:

I also tried the Live as well, however now I have duplicates all over

I selected from the communicator the fslive/UT2 option on the schedules and will give you an example in LGAV I get all the Olympic Air and Aegean duplicates also all the Delta (3 times) and other airlines that I know I disabled on the Mytraffic. exe when I compile the schedules

What do i do wrong here


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You are sure it is 10.5 MB, that cannot be. It can be 43MB, then the change of the schedules to the FSLive compatible ones worked, or 105MB, then this did not work and we have to see why, with file access problems or mising Trafficdatabasebuilder candidates. Try the schedules set which is labelled "MyTraffic Life", does this give you the 43 MB approx?

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Hi sorry for the delay I was traveling

I did as you suggest -deleted the anfs and all was fine as all the doubles were gone then I executed your dsecond suggestion and did tcompile using my traffic live and the size of mytrafficcommercial.bgl is 43.MB

PROBLEM: All the double airlines are back -DL OA GF etc etc really cannot get this program it is very complicated, convoluted and sneaky-I JUST WANT TO ELIMINATE THE DOUBLE UT 2 CARRIERS without having to spend hours and hours and reading pages of manuals


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There is no Delta schedule in the MyTrafficcommercial bgl. I checked this explicitely again. Where and when do you see a Delta plane? ( There may be some regional partners,some of them are not existing in UT2 at all as airlines).

Did you donwload the Live data again? They of course contain Delta, there is no reason to use the Live data and UT2 together, if you do so you order all flights to happen as they happen today and as they happened years ago when the UT2 data were collected.

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Thanks for your quick reply

No I did not download the Live update-Delta is mainline and it is at LGAV and at LIRF (at LIRF) there are at least 9 DL all same flight so is all other airlines I had spend hours going through My traffic. exe-(Jetblue is one)

Just a quick question how can I rebuild the MTX 5.4. myt file again as I did accidentaly deleted it

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Install to another (temp) folder and kill the dos process, then you have all the files there. Fastest way, then make a backup of the data base.

This is interesting. There is a problem with a few long range real world flights to all show on the same day instead of running weekly that I have to track in the code for version 5.4a, but this is not with Delta at LGAV or LIRF.

In the full commercial 2011 schedules, Delta comes to Athens and Rome on Airbus A330-300, using type A333-NWA1 .

A333-NWA1 ,N­807NW , 17,ONE_DAY ,IFR


910,KJFK,350, 133

2110,LGAV,350, 134


A333-NWA1 ,N­818NW , 22,ONE_WEEK ,IFR


31951,LIRF,311, 246

40951,KSAN,311, 247

42351,LIRF,311, 248

51351,KSAN,311, 249

60351,LIRF,311, 250

61751,KSAN,311, 251

751,LIRF,311, 252

2151,KSAN,311, 253

11151,LIRF,311, 254

20151,KSAN,311, 255

21551,LIRF,311, 256

30551,KSAN,311, 257


A333-NWA1 ,N­818NW , 2,ONE_DAY ,IFR


1123,KDTW,340, 237

2323,LIRF,340, 238


Plus 767 from KJFK and 757 from Pittsburgh, all making sense.

None of these flights is in the "Live" resp. "UT2" schedules. I switched to Live here and checked LIRF at 4 different times of the day, there is no Delta.

Could you identify which aircraft type you see from Delta at LIRF with the Live schedules installed from communicator (at which time)? Something must be different on your computer compared to mine with the 54 installation as it comes (plus the patches, but they cannot affect here).

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I checked that I see at LFLL between 1 and 2 Aigle Azur aircraft, not 30. Aigle Azur offers flights from LFLL, airliners.net contains photos showing them there, so I don't see your problem. If you want to see less flight, better just put the traffic density slider down...

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