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My Traffic Live different from reality

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I have purchased MTX 5.4 and the Live subscription. I have followed the instructions to activate through communicator. Moving an aircraft to Heathrow I used the Super traffic board to check the aircraft against the FlightAware.com data for EGLL and the British Airways website but found very little similarity between my traffic and what was reported as reality. Am I missing something? Are my expectations for same flight numbers and destinations unrealistic? There doesn't seem to be much point in the subscription if it doesn't at least match some of the actual flights.

I have:

Downloaded the MT Live file succesfully

Selected the MT Live schedules

Started FSX

Traffic sliders to 29% for traffic and GA

Started a flight in real time at EGLL

Monitored traffic through super traffic board



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There are many reports just about the opposite that users can identify a lot of aircraft provided the time between download and simulation is not too long, and you use realtime settings of the time. There are some differences though to be mentioned which may be very different depending on the airport and airline you check:

The biggest one is about flight numbers. MyTraffic Live uses the flight numbers reported to ATC. These usually are different to those sold to the passengers for many airlines. Worse, many European airlines now use characters in their flight numbers, just a sniplet I see on my disk is RYR61DB;20111102103116;EKCH;0.0001;GCLP; which is a Ryanair Flight 61DB from Copenhagen to Teneriffe, something you do not find at all on FRs web site, but the aircraft flew that route.

Unfortunately, FSX does not display non-numeric flight numbers, so the characters have to be converted to numbers, so this is the first place where things go different.

There are more such detail when one uses the real data and not some cheated data. Often the flight plan does not contain the final destination as destination, but as an alternate only. Why? we learned for instance from the Air France very sad A332 accident that the flight plan was filed Rio-Bordeaux, not Paris. Why? All the time the aircraft has to have 5% more fuel than needed ( plus the reserves ), and in Rio that are some tons. When everything is normal, an aircraft that has 5% excess in Rio still has far enough fuel over Bordeaux to reach Paris very safe - but it can take two tons of cargo more this way.

In MyTraffic Live, it it was last reported over the canaries as example and still emmits it goes to Bordeaux, it will go there and not to Paris.

So, while I know that all live online data have bugs, vary in quality, and the algorithms to reconstruct the flight plans from the limited live information has to make some assumptions, it is also that you see a lot of real things going on in it that will not be seen by polished offers to the paying flying public.

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Thanks for the detailed response. As I say, I obviously started out with unrealistic expectations for correlation with data published on public websites and like in so many areas of simulation compromises have to be made.  However, what it does give is an AI world that varies on a daily basis so I'll see how that adds to my FS experience over the coming months.

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