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Enable Exits for Ground Transportaton

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If an aircraft has exits enabled, this will trigger the jetways to move and the luggage cart to bring the luggage to the plane, on a big airport this may mean moving 100ds of objects with inverse kinematics, so the solution of 100ds of 2- and 3 dimensional systems of differential equations every frame - you see where the CPU is going....

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This will depend on a few factors. First, I hope your new processor is a "k" version. This will allow you to overclock beyond the intel turbo boost. From my experience, the I7 2600K can be easily overclocked with a simple change to the turbo multiplier within the bios up to 4.1Ghz. Everything else stock. This is why you should not pay to have an overclock since most will only get you 4.1 - it's like ordering spaghetti and meat balls at a fancy Italian restaurant. Why pay extra for something you can easily do yourself?

12 GB of ram is over-kill for FSX and most other games. If you're not using it for other applications then reduce to 8GB and use the extra $ on your other components. I'm assuming your getting Win7x64bit?

AI traffic density will also play a role regarding fps; if you enable the exits without traffic the impact is minimal. If you run traffic at 100%, enabling the exits will kill your fps.

I run MTX 5.4 on 35-40% for commercial and 15% GA. This setting is pretty realistic for most international airports. You may need to crank it up a bit at the smaller regional airports or local GA fields. With this setting and an I7 2600K OC'd to 4.5 I can lock my frames everywhere on 30. This includes New York City area. The only fps hit for me is heavy weather at the busiest airports. I may see a 5-10 fps reduction in heavy cloud cover at KJFK. I have never dropped below 20 fps - even at the airport.

If I disable the exits, my frames remain locked at 30 +/- 2.

Obviously, there are other factors that influence FSX performance including optimizing your OS and FSX not to mention some of the other components of your build; so the above assumes you'll take care of the others and only addresses your specific question.

Good luck!

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I would say yes, but maybe in Chicago where there are two jetway intense airports within the distance FSX uses to move them - at 250 jetways, if they all are used, to be moved kills every CPU, since all the determination of aircraft vs ground vs jetway to fit has to be run on one core - offloading to several cores just isn't possible since the information that had to be copied to the other core would be excessive. I myself prefer to reduce scenery to very dense instad of extremely dense, that puts the number of moving jetwas down to 100.

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