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First Patches for version 5.4 available


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The patches got updated today. This solves in addition an issue with the time machine, MyTraffic Interactive and schedules prior to 2000. If your communicator shows "Patches to version 5.4", you can update using the communicator. The manual download still is http://www.fsrail.com/Patches54.exe , if you want to do it manually place this into MyTrafficAircraftInstallers and double click to it there. DO NOT APPLY THIS PATCH TO MYTRAFFIC3D!

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To answer this question again in full length.

FSX has been developed with a broader concept than any other flight simulator, much much broader than Flight! as example now. A package for professional applications has been published under the name ESP by Microsoft.

Lockheed Martin, the company that built the Galaxy, the Tristar. the F16 to name a few, has licensed ESP to built a professional training simulator from it. Since based on a PC, this can be far cheaper than the dedicated simulators they build, bridging between these million $ machines and games, with target costumors small training institutions, private flight schools, and also individuals who want to train their pilot skills, prepare for a flight with the low costs a PC based simulation offers. This is were the audiance of FSX and their product called Prepar 3D ( called P3D typically) overlaps.

Lockheed Martin has a small team of professional developers working on P3D, so new features flow into it, some sort of extension into the naval field making a submarine simulation as example. This continued development has motivated users to change from FSX to P3D, since they view their usage of FSX not as gaming, but as a (semi) professional training.

Based on the same code, P3D is mostly compatible to FSX when it comes to add ons. There are differences, but most of the stuff can be used. To account for the differences, I created a special version of MyTraffic for Prepar3D, and am committed to further support it even when the new differences arise due to a new version of P3D (as long as models and textures etc can remain). This version of MyTraffic is called MyTraffic 3D, in opposition to MyTraffic X for FSX.

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The Patches have been updated again:

Added this time:

  • The tool Manage_aircraft config now can properly convert the models back from the simplified models to the normal models and also support the 777s now
  • .The internal strobes of the 744 and 74SP are shifted backwards.

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