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FSX Folder Paths & .PLN format


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Hi there,

This was asked several times before and I read recent and old posts about the "FSX folder paths" problem but as far as I understood it still remains valid with v9.1.1. I keep getting the error message when I go to the paths section of the save dialogue box "FSX flight plan folder unspecified" even though it is specified both in paths selection window and FSC.ini.

The other problem occurs when I try to save/export a flightplan in FSX format (.PLN file) - when I open it after saving all XML values under <ATCWaypointType> show "Intersection" although some of the check points along the route are VORs and NDBs and the correct way would be <ATCWaypointType>VOR</ATCWaypointType> for VOR and <ATCWaypointType>NDB</ATCWaypointType> for NDB. I can only guess whether it's a navaid or not only by its 3-letter identifier. Here is the order of export I usually use:

1- Click on "Show Flight Plan"

2- Insert departure and destination airports into the opened textbox "INSERT DEPARTURE AND DESTINATION ICAO CODE..." and press Enter

3- Press "High Alt Plan"

4- FSC calculates and retrieves the route points, distances, bearings, and even the frequencies of navaids but... STILL shows (and defines in .PLN file) navaids as intersections... :( This problem does NOT happen though when I export FSX flightplan either with default FSX, FSC "Navaids Plan" or e.g., Plan-G.

Can anyone explain me WHY FSC exports PLN files this way?!?

Thank you!

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Hi ???,

1. please read the full thread http://forum.simflig...er-unspecified/

2. read the attached flight plan. Both flight plan are from EDDK to EDDH. The plan EDDKEDDHHI.pln is using the HiAlt function. The plan

EDDKEDDHNAV.pln is using the Navaid function.

The reading of the manual provides answers to all questions.



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Hi Volker,

Thank you for your reply! I thoroughly read it but, unfortunately, did get NONE of my questions answered. Here is why:

1. Reading the full thread you provided (plus additional links contained therein) shows that the problem still remains unsolved. Further, I have already read that thread, especially Ian's (baw19) and Kees's (khoubolt) replies and FSC manual Chapter 5.4 and the rest before posting here. You can see screens of my "Save/Load Flight Plan" window, if this helps.



2. Both flight-plans in your attachment are of no help either! Please read below:

(i) EDDK-EDDH-NAV.pln is the plan based on navaids route but I already stated above that:

This problem does NOT happen though when I export FSX flightplan either with default FSX, FSC "Navaids Plan"...

(ii) EDDK-EDDH-HI.pln is based on "High Alt Route" option - the option I am interested in - but instead of answering my question it replicates the same problem I have already. If you read my first post carefully, you can see that your flightplan also defines navaids as intersections. E.g., OSN is actually Osnabruck VOR (Germany) but your flightplan shows it as an intersection... Well, I'm ready to admit that any checkpoint on a particular route IS an intersection per se but I believe FSC must at least define it correctly in the flightplan, as is the case with "Navaids Plan" option. ;)

This is also true when the flightplan is visualized in FSC. E.g., as you can see from the image below, I used "High Alt Plan" option to compile a flightplan from KLAX to KJFK which shows a total of 4 (four) navaids (together with frequencies) along the hi-alt route:

# SLI, Seal Beach

# TRM, Thermal

# PKE, Parker

# DRK, Drake

But all of them are indicated as intersections both in the FSX flightplan (.pln) and in FSC (green triangles)... That's the problem!!!


Hope this clarifies the situation and helps you better visualize the problems!

PS: Ah, in order not to bother you with further questions, I have (i) FSC installed with Admin rights under root C:\; (ii) FSX is on the root of drive D:\ and installed "For All Users"; (iii) My system is Windows 7.

Thank you!


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Hi Rustam,

Hope this helps clarifier and the situation you better visualize the problems!

English is not my native language and it can lead to different interpretations.

1. Check if in the folder Flight Simulator X Files the file Logbook.BIN exists.

If not, create a text file in that folder and name it TEXT.BIN. Then should not see the message.

2: Each waypoint on an airway is an Intersection. When on the same Position of the Intersection, a VOR or NDB exist, the FSCommander shows also the frequency of this Navaid but the sybol shows an intersection. With the export into the FSX flight plan format, however, remains the waypoint received as Intersection. This is the philosophy of the FSCommander.



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Hi again,

I can now firmly confirm that Problem no.1 is SOLVED! :) Indeed, there was no "Logbook.bin" file inside "Flight Simulator X Files" but as soon as I created "text.bin" as per your recommendation, FSC stopped popping up that nasty message again... Thank you very much for your prompt support!!!

As to "Intersection vs. Navaids" problem, sorry but I still cannot grasp the idea behind "philosophy of the FSCommander". :???: And the reason is FSC doesn't stick to the same philosophy when it concerns "Navaid Plan" option but "changes its mind" when it comes to "High Alt Plan". This is confusing, don't you think?!? Why to compile one flightplan with navaids properly shown and the other one - NONE at all?!?

Once again, thanks a lot for your help!

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Hello friends.

I would do something like what the GNS530 and 0 G1000 does.

As the sequence of waypoints informed that the aircraft trajectory to the autopilot.

I have a database of waypoints and the program will make the selection q of the same.

I need to get the GNS530 AoS receives this trajectory connecting the FD he will follow this trajectory.

What's the best method and OFFSET to implement this feature.

I've been analyzing the files. FPL is it for him that FS is based on the trajectory to do?


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Hello friends, I'm sorry, my bad translation.

My question is, with FSUIPC you can modify or create the current flight plan.

It would be the same format as the GNS500 works, put the waypoints and the aircraft following this path.

What better way to do this? I'll be creating a plugin for this, but this part of the flight plan could not do.

I see that the magenta programs do, it saves, or modifies them. FPL FS.

Any ideas for this?

['] s

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