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Random Weather Generator with Themes


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Here's a script that generates random weather conditions based on themes. Each weather theme has random parameters, and themes can be selected based on weight. The weather is "global" in that all stations are assigned the same weather, but not in true global mode so individual stations can be adjusted. Currently all weather parameters are generated from MSL (not from where the aircraft is sitting) which may change (clouds should probably from AGL, but not if you want to go from a high elevation airport to a low elevation airport and keep IFR ceilings, for example). Theme parameters may also be adjusted in the future. To make available within FSUIPC, place all files/directories in Modules.


- Themes with randomized parameters

- Many pre-defined VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR themes

- Randomly picked themes with configurable probabilities (weights)

- Excluded themes (by weight) can still be selected through user input

- Custom themes can be provided as METAR input

- Temperature layers with different lapse rates

- Surface temperatures adjusted for latitude and season

- Graduated visibility layers

- Multiple cloud layers with order restrictions

- Precipitation type based on cloud and surface temperatures

- Precipitation rate adjusted by cloud coverage

- Icing based on cloud temperatures and adjusted by cloud coverage

- Multiple wind layers with controllable shear

- Surface wind based on prevailing direction by latitude

- Winds aloft direction and strength based on latitude


- VFR Easy

- VFR Medium

- VFR Hard

- VFR Calm

- VFR Windy

- MVFR Visibility

- MVFR Ceiling

- MVFR Both

- IFR Visibility

- IFR Ceiling

- IFR Both

- LIFR Visibility

- LIFR Ceiling

- LIFR Both

- Unpredictable


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