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Flight Critic (Flight Statistics - Takeoff/Landing Distances etc., Grading/Scoring)


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EDIT: Update version attached. See changes in the post below.

Attached is a script that will automatically record and analyze your flight, providing statistics like takeoff and landing distances, and provide a comfort and skill grade/score for different phases of flight (think of comfort as how the passengers feel, and skill how the check airmen - or DPE - will rate you). It correctly identifies takeoffs and landing points on rough terrain or bounces (event multiple bounces). The raw data is saved and can be fed through the script via the command line for re-analysis. The final output is also saved as a text file. Here's a sample analysis:

Analyzing... 5059 records.
  In Flight: 00:08:25, 16.6nm, 118kts

	Ground Roll: 00:00:20, 1543ft, 91kias
	To 35 Feet: 00:00:23, 2044ft, 94kias
	To 50 Feet: 00:00:24, 2135ft, 94kias
	Comfort: 85%
	Skill: 82%

	Min./Max. IAS: 94kias, 189kias
	Min./Max. TAS: 91ktas, 187ktas
	Min./Max. GS: 90kts, 179kts
	Min./Max. VS: -672fpm, +1586fpm
	Min./Max. Altitude: 94ft, 2147ft
	Comfort: 95%

	Path Angle: 3.4deg
	Comfort: 97%
	Skill: 94%

	From 50 Feet: 00:00:25, 2340ft, 96kias
	From 35 Feet: 00:00:24, 2124ft, 94kias
	Ground Roll: 00:00:17, 1148ft, 76kias
	Comfort: 88%
	Skill: 75%

Rename the attached file to .lua and read the instructions at the top of the file.


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Better landing/takeoff detection on large/long bounces

Pseudo Gaussian distribution of scores (50% = average)

Perception weighted scoring (worst part of a score gets the most weight)

Category deductions shown for each score

New sample output:

Analyzing... 15394 records.
In Flight: 00:25:19, 65.7nm, 156kts

	Ground Roll: 00:00:12, 1110ft, 103kias
	To 35 Feet: 00:00:14, 1544ft, 114kias
	To 50 Feet: 00:00:15, 1643ft, 116kias
	Comfort: 78% (R:-0%, S:-3%, X:-1%, Y:-5%, Z:-13%)
	Skill: 87% (H:-0%, T:-1%, S:-12%)

	Min./Max. IAS: 100kias, 170kias
	Min./Max. TAS: 104ktas, 189ktas
	Min./Max. GS: 104kts, 204kts
	Min./Max. VS: -1226fpm, +2013fpm
	Min./Max. Altitude: 1792ft, 8246ft
	Comfort: 94% (S:-4%, X:-0%, Y:-1%, Z:-0%)

	Path Angle/IAS/VS: 4.0deg, 99kias, -639fpm
	Comfort: 96% (S:-3%, X:-0%, Y:-0%, Z:-0%)
	Skill: 87% (I:-1%, V:-9%, T:-2%, S:-1%)

	From 50 Feet: 00:00:25, 2717ft, 93kias
	From 35 Feet: 00:00:23, 2414ft, 92kias
	Ground Roll: 00:00:13, 1040ft, 72kias, -94fpm
	Comfort: 85% (R:-0%, S:-2%, X:-0%, Y:-3%, Z:-10%)
	Skill: 85% (V:-12%, H:-0%, T:-1%, S:-3%)

R:Runway, S:Skid, X/Y/Z:Acceleration, H:Heading, T:Track, I:IAS, V:VS


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