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How to update from MyTraffic X for FSX


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This requires you have MyTraffic X version 5.4 installed for FSX, or have the installer MTXV54.exe . If you have neither of these, stop reading (or at least doing) and in case of doubt ask first.

Step A: Get MyTraffic X 5.4 to Prepar3d

Definition <FSX> now stands for the FSX main folder, typically C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X or what you have chosen.

<P3D> stands for the Prepar3D main folder, typically C:\Program Files(x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D or what you have chosen.

MyTraffic 3D and MyTraffic X are different on tools, on schedules, on airports and potentially on aircraft. Therefore I do NOT support any setup using these folders for both sims.

Copy, not move the MyTraffic folder from <FSX> to <P3D>. You can move it if you no longer want to use FSX.


Run MTXV54.exe, browse in the installer to <P3D>, install it there, and end the Communicator that pops up without doing anything in it.

Next, using the installer from http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-3d-professional-5.4-for-prepar3d-update-from-fsx-version.phtml MT3DV54_from_FSX.exe, you install all the changes, and invokes in the end the P3D Communicaor that allos you to add the entry to FSX.cfg. Its manual explains how to add scenery under P3D, note that you should add the title manually, it does not get set automatically.

Thats it, and now enjoy it.

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Sorry, are you serious? I started scenery design indeed for FS95, in 97 switched to FS98, in 99 switched to Fs2000, in 2001 to FS2002, in 2003 to FS2004, in 2006 to FSX and now maybe we are at a point where the market segments into those who want the ,ost professional environment, these may go to Prepar3D, and maybe Flight! who knows, many stay for a while with FSX, X-Plane 10 is a complete failure and some may even remain with FS2004 - but that is a dead market.

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