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is there a way to assign a button through FSUIPC to get a quick trim reset ? That would be very helpful during circuit patterns and touch and go landings, when you have to reset trim within take off range but changing view to do it would make keeping the alignment with rwy centerline "very challenging" ?



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I reopen this topic, as with version 4.855 (FSX+Acceleration Pack, WIN 7/64 bit) this seeting to zero only worked for the first time for me. If you are then trimming in the default C172, the trim wasn't reset anymore by just setting 0 via the ipc.control(65706,0) function.

To reset the trim reliable every time, you must first set it to a different value from zero (e.g. to 1) and then set it to zero again. In LUA the code for resetting the elevator trim would look like this:

ipc.control(65706,1) -- set it to a value different from your taget first

ipc.control(65706,0) -- and then to the target value

By using this sequence, the trim is set to zero always. I don't know, if this is by design in that way or if this is a small bug. With this workaround I could solve the problem for me. Maybe this helps other users having a similar problem.



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