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Dep Airport : See right aircraft - Arrival see wrong aircraft VIEW AI


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A strange problem I have found...

At my departure airport: If I use VIEW AI, I see the selected aircraft I right click at... all the time...

But when I have landed at my arrival airport and click VIEW AI.. I see another plane than selected,.. etc: Clicking for a boarding plane and see another one, thats already are in the air..

What could it be ??

Chris from Denmark

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There are two possible causes here, both problems in the FSX interface:

1) If you get a random aircraft in View AI (i.e. select the same flight in STB but see different aircraft each time in FSX), this occurs as the FSX interface is not synchronous. What this means is there are several commands required to View AI, and while STB is running those command some AI is created or deleted that results in the wrong one being show.

2) If it is always the same wrong AI shown, this seems to be corruption in the internal FSX ordered list of AI aircraft. It works fine for some as you see in departures, but you get to a certain point in the list and it does not work from there on (as you see in arrivals). I cannot always reproduce this, most times it works fine for me so no one is sure of the cause. One thing it might be is load related, I always try to keep my AI count below 200 and rarely see the problem now.

There is a solution available however. The marvelous "AIRound" utility found an internal way of showing AI aircraft without any of the problems described above, and this is the type of solution I wished had been available in FSX directly. STB can link it's View AI to AIRound, and all AI aircraft are shown correctly. Better still, you get all of the additional AIRound camera views available from STB. This utility is available from SimMarket:



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