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stick shaker offset

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Excuse me if I'm wrong, but it's the a default FS status for "Stall Warning", which activates the effects before (and during) the actually stalled state?

I'd have thought that reading that status using FSUIPC and using it to drive an actuator through an interface card would be appropriate.

Ian P.

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i think that i can use the default stall warning to trigger the stick shaker. but, in this way, how can i do it?

Ian is correct. It's the stall warning offset I use in my cockpit for the stick shakers. As to how you can make yours work, that presumably needs some sort of output digital to analogue device connection, and either a program to read the offset and drive the output device or, possibly, a Lua plug-in to do the same, assuming the output device is either serial port or USB connected.



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hi Pete

i´m using iocards and prosim

what i don´t know is what offset to use, do you have it¿

this is my script

Var 0001, Name stick_shaker, Link FSUIPC_IN, Offset $XXXX, Length X // offset del simulador que activa el shaker


IF &stick_shaker = 1 // Si el offset está activo (pérdida o fluttering) es decir el mando tiene que vibrar


&rele = 1 // Activa el relé para el vibrador


ELSE // Sino


&rele = 0 // El relé se queda desconectado



Var 0002, Name rele, Link IOCARD_OUT, Device ??, Output YY // Activa la salida YY donde está enganchado el relé


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