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Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel Virtual Buttons

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I recently bought the Saitek Pro Flight Switch panel and am currently using the SPAD drivers.

I'm very statisfied with the switch panel but I can't get one thing working right.

(i got a registered version of FSUIPC)

For example:

When I try to set the panel lightning switches for the iFly 737, I assign a virtual button to the panel switch on and another one for the panel switch off. (This, I do via the SPAD software.) When I get into FSUIPC i assign these virtual buttons to Panel lights On, and Panel Lights off.

I succesfully press the button and the lights go on, I press it again and the lights go off. But I can't get the lights on anymore from that point on.

Could someone explaine me what I'm doing wrong? Googled the whole internet but can't find any answers.

Thanks in advance, ALOT.



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I iam far from an expert on Fsuipc but when I assign a function my Saitek switched I found out that assigning a parameter to a function. Example panel light on set the parameter to 1 then go to the "when switch is released" and use the same function panel light on and assign a paramter of 0 . I know it seems counter intuitive but it works for me. Also a little trial and error seems to work for me. Example if setting the paramter to 1 doesn't work try setting it to 0 and leave the paramter for when to switch is released blank

As I said I a kind of new to all of this but it seemed to work for me

Best of Luck


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