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Hi All

I would believe that on this site alone, We have some good experts regarding programs and how to get the best out of the Software that we Buy.

Having just bought MTX over 2 months ago, I am still having trouble finding my way around the software and trying to get the best set up.

Would it be possible to have a Folder for Video Tuition, so people can share their experience on getting the best out of the MTX software and how to mix and match with other software programs.

I have extreme FSX Booster software on my PC which i find difficult to use with MTX 5.4 since i believe i have to add MTX onto the extreme FSX Booster and by doing that , I end up with all the issues that i had when i first downloaded MTX 5.4 when i was able to add the 2011 schedule..

looking through the list of topics, I am baffled.

Still trying to understand using MTX with UT2

Don't have a clue about P3D or even my traffic live and airNav fs Live 3!!!

Any-ways , Its just a thought that maybe a Video Tuition help page would be Great, So people like me can get a little help



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I don't think it is a good idea to open a second place of support and information about MyTraffic than this forum. All information about MyTraffic Professional is concentrated here in one place. If you need to create videos to ask a question you can link them here, but videos are extremely time inefficient for carrying information. I do not have time to visit any place but this forum.

No booster or enhancer software can make FSX or your computer faster, all they can do is to switch off parts of the software they consider unimportant to save CPU ticks - so do not expect any add on to work with them cutting out important parts or setting parameters to ridiculous values. The time such software costs the users and third party developpers is giant - FSX SP2 or Acceleration are extremely efficient and optimized program that run very stable by themselves.

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Whats Hard to understand about MTX and UT2? - All you need to do is open the communicator and select Live/UT2 Schedules and its done, all this does is add airlines not covered by UT2. And if you want live schedules you have to purchace it, and then go to the Communicator and go in downloads and click MyTraffic Live - enter your e-mail and password and then select the My Traffic Live scedules. P3D is a seperate sim to FSX Made by Lockheed Martin its just based on FSX so all the addons for FSX Are Compatible.

Thats all!

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Thank you for your reply s

quite often if i need help, I look on you tube which sometimes gives me the information that i need.

I have the quality wings 757 which i use all the time and people have put tuition Videos on how to Fly the 757 which i found useful.

Buying Extreme Heathrow was a Big mistake since it was unusable due to the low frame rate, Hence the reason for buying the booster.

i don't seem to loose any performance using MTX

Regarding Using UT2, Does this not complicate when using MTX!!! i am not sure if using both together would improve what you have with MTX


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