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MTX 5.4 lights problem


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Recently I bought MTX 5.4.

but There is Lights showing problems.

777 on top of tail that the comes out beacon light.

744 on Airborne Radar is comes out strobe light.

There's wings of the strobe will not worked.

but 777 and 747's wing strobe works sometimes.

What the is wrong for Setup?

There's also the old painted for Asiana Airlines some B777 registration(HL7XXX)

ex HL7500... etc...

The schedule is wrong on PANC and might be a little more.

ex KAL B744 is not flights via PANC so in the real there is just only Freighter. not the KAL 744 PAX In general.

anyway this version is 5.4 and LCD is 1600 x 900.

Please advises to me Thanks.

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I don't see why this needs to be posted four times.

FSX handles strobe lights at very low priority, so if they show up or not depends on a lot about your software and hardware configuration, I just can put them into the models, if you see irregularities it often indicates your system is busy with more important stuff.

The beacons from on the tail are following the light definitions proposed by Mixrosoft, I just heared from another user they are uncommon to be switched on today. I checked through photos on a.net and found on about half of the photos that there are lights up there, others show none, so this is something that needs to be understood why some aircraft have them and others not.

MyTraffic is based on real world data. If KAL sends the B74F or B74C to PANC, you will see the cargo plain. If somebody from them enters 744 the PAX will be the outcome.

Thanks for the Asiana hint, has to be made another new paint.

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Hi Burkhard, the Korean gentleman is saying that the special distant strobe light is appearing in front of the aircraft nose cone.

This is the special strobe light that you hide inside the body of the aircraft when the aircraft is close to the viewing camera and so it should not be seen at all, this trick was used so that users could see the strobe lights when the aircraft was a long way from the user view i.e. when the aircraft is along way away from the user the aircraft body disappears and makes the hidden strobe light then visible. It appears we missed some of these misplaced strobe lights during beta testing.

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Thanks for the advises.

so How fix it? modify to aircraft.cfg files? ex lights section. :cry:

" I checked through photos on a.net and found on about half of the photos that there are lights up there, others show none, so this is something that needs to be understood why some aircraft have them and others not."

where I can found that pictures? are you can it links?

perhaps it other aircraft is also comes out of tail beacon light. but in the real is not operated thats light.

maybe It is.. MTX 5.4 All 777 is comes out on top of tail beacon? I think so and This is a minor for the reality.

also It those A319 A306 and just guess others...

New Issue found, 777 is wings strobe light off when take off then on the 10000ft and above 10k is just on beacon lights and also on top of tail beacon and nav lights.

because it is both off wings storbe lights and landing lights on 10000ft. also It is bug... :???:

How I can modify it? I just waiting for next patch updated?

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There is no way I could program such behaviour, or influence it in any way - but what FSX actually does can only mildly be influenced. I can propose to FSX to show the lights - if it does or not is decided by FSX on every frame with unknown algorithms and strongly depends on framerate delimiter and many other hardware and software details. The lights on top of the tail I can remove when working on the models anyways if that is a general user wish. One of the best photographs I have of these tail lights is http://www.airliners.net/photo/Untitled-(Meridian-Airlines)/Antonov-An-12B/2057266/&sid=42813609ba569efe6f06d23eeb5a77ba and http://www.airliners.net/photo/Korean-Air/Airbus-A380-861/2056412/&sid=fc9308e9cc881b19c92525625daf5a07 indicates there is none.

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Hi Burkhard,

Yesterday, while plane spotting, I noticed that several of the GA bizjets have a misplaced strobelight, similar to the discussion above.

The Challenger 601 and 604 both have correctly placed wingtip strobes, but also have a strobe located about 50-100 feet in front of the aircraft on centerline.

The Embraer Legacy 600 shows the same thing, a strobe located directly in front of the aircraft by 50-100 feet.

The Dassault Falcon 50 has a misplaced strobe about 50 feet in front, but also about 25 feet below the fuselage centerline.

Can these be fixed in the aircraft.cfg [Lights] section? (I checked one of them, don't recall which one, and found only 1 [Lights] entry for a strobe located at 0,0,0.)

Or is an aircraft model correction necessary?

Have not checked other bizjets to see if they exhibit similar behavior...



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This is the single lights entry, the light that should be hiden in the middle of the body and get visible only 2 miles or more away, but then is tracked over along distance. Beta testers for 5.4b, please check this in a few weeks. I made several changes due to the P3D issues, so that is something that needs testing.

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