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I would like to use FSUIPC from outside of FS To read the LUA Vars from the sim, and write to them again fromn the external program.

What "LUA Vars"? Do you perhaps mean "L:Vars" instead -- gauge local variables?

The easiest way from an external program already interfacing to FSUIPC would be use read/write FSUIPC offsets. There are 64 free bytes 0x66C0 to 0x66FF reserved for general use such as that.

Alternatively you could use a file on disk, or a pipe (at type of file but with a special name -- read/written using file functions though), or use TCP/IP protocols. FSX's SimConnect itself uses pipes and TCP/IP for its data exchanges with clients, so you'd be in good company. Files are supported by the standard Lua libraries built into FSUIPC and WideClient, and TCP/IP is supported by the Sockets facilities, which are partially built in plus support from external parts. There's an example of the use of sockets included in the Lua package installed with FSUIPC, running two PCs with master and slave copies fo FS.



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There is commercially sensitive information I'd like to discuss with you. I would PM you, but it seems that is not working.

I don't accept PMs here because when I did it was regularly used for normal support questions. This is also why I don't generally provide my email, which, nevertheless, folks seem to find all the time. petedowson at btconnect dot com. Okay?


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