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Logo's in STB


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I was just wondering why sometimes the logos in stb dont appear for GA flights,

for example I might have two Cessna C172 listed one will have the Cessna logo on the board the other only has the flight callsign on a white background.

its not affecting the use of the programme or overall use of FSX but it would be nice to have all the logos in place, everything else is working fine

Btw Im using STB in conjunction with UT2

while Im on the subject of logo's I am currently building a database of airport logo's which do actually enhance the STB window would it be possible in a later update for the airport logo to be changed to a larger central display then the little thumbnail to the right so that it becomes the header of the board (its just cosmetic so no worries if it cant be)

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The strategy for displaying the logos are:

1) Try to use the callsign as the logo filename

2) If there isn't a callsign (quite common for GA), we use a combination of the make and model (as found in the aircraft.cfg)

In the scenario you describe, I imagine one cessna has a callsign and the other does not so defaulting to make/model. In the case of the callsign on a white background, simply find the desired logo file, make a copy of it using the callsign name and place it in the logo directory along with the others.

Concerning your airport logo, do you have an example of a logo you'd like to see in the middle? Would you still include the name of the airport at the top, or just the logo?


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Thanks Simon,


I should have clarifed that I was refering to GA and not Commercial aircraft. 


As your manual states; for Commercial Aircraft you should use atc_airline in the [flightsim.x] section.


Because GA aircraft would have the atc_airline field blank, you would instead use atc_type and atc_model in the [General] section.  If atc_type=Aeronca and atc_model=15AC then the image should be named Aeronca 15AC with a jpg, gif, png, or bmp suffix.


Perhaps an unncessary claification, but one I need to make in case I forget how I came about this and have to someday revisit the question. :)



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