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Here is the "new" BEA livery (1970's) of the Viscount 800 series.

The wings were actually painted in BEA's distinctive red colour.

The fuselage underbelly is a matte metal finish on this livery.

I think I have finally got the intensity of the night-lighting cabin windows about right.






and the textures:


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Who says this is completely impossible? If you have in your MyTraffic\scenery folders a set of files let me say BR2_EGLL.2008-2020, BR2_EGLL.2000-2007, etc, the routine to copy those that fit to a selected year to BR2_EGLL.bgl I volunteer to write - you really want to add a new dimension to FSX?

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Nutts Corner was Northern Ireland's International Airport during the period from the end of World War 2 until it became unsuitable for use with the real start of the jet era.

These days it's partially farmland, partially a trading estate, partially a race track and partially part of the local road network. With regards to Nutts Corner over time, it's not so much a case of replacing a version of an existing airport as enabling Nutts Corner and disabling Aldergrove, which is only a handful of miles away (although Aldergrove did still exist at the time, it had not been redeveloped until it was chosen to replace NC).

Like many places, the entire UK would need massive changes to take it back to even the 60s, let alone further back. I've considered on many occasions, through my other airfield work, taking the UK back to the 1930s/40s, but the amount of work required is huge.

It's a nice idea, but the practical realities...?

Ian P.

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I'm very convinced that for FSX those things that are badly needed are done, and now we finally can start to do what we think is fun. You will see with version 5.4a one fun that I start, and this could be another one. Thinking a bit more over this project, I think it is better to have a little text file containing the names of the files to be placed for a given span of years.

I do not see why one should not start this as soon as one has one airport done from old times, so as example FRA could be done with the current layout from 2012 on, without the northen runway from 2000-2011, without terminal 2 we have to look up, without the 18 still longer ago.

There is no way to make this for all the word - but I'm sure if there are three airports there will be beginning interest into it. For version 5.4a it is too late, but for 5.4b this let us sleep over this idea...

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Dave, you gave us texture.01 and then a texture.03, is this by purpose or can I resequence them?

Texture.MY02 is a BOAC repaint for the viscount 700 model. It is finished but I cannot test it as I am waiting for the corrected 700 model from you. (as per our PM).

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The next in the 800 viscount series is the "new" orange tail SAA 1965 - 1981 livery with shiny metal underbelly.

This particular repaint is the Rietbok ZS-CVA.

And there is an interesting story about it:

In 1965, this viscount was purchased by the Apartheid South African Government from one of their arch enemies - Cuba. The plane was white with deep burgundy coloured stripes and "South African Airways" hastily daubed over the fuselage. It was repainted in 1966 in the new livery design with easily identifiable orange tailfin as sown in this repaint.

In 1967 Rietbok crashed into the sea off the East London coast under mysterious circumstances. All 25 persons on board were (supposedly) killed. The official cause of the crash, according to the Justice Cecil Margo Commission's report was "structural failure", but many remained unconvinced. There was an immediate security blackout, but rumour (backed by many curious co-incidences) has it that there were a few prominent personalities on board who were openly critical of John Vorster's Apartheid Government and that it was actually destroyed by the South African Government itself.

Nearly 45 years later, the true story of what really happened to the Rietbok is still not known, and might never be known.






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Virgin Atlantic is the next Viscount in the 800 series - (ca. 1985).

The fuselage underbelly is a matte white-grey finish on this livery.

The grey stripe below the main magenta stripe actually tapers off from a deep grey at the rear to almost white at the front.





and the textures:


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Here is a metallic-bellied Bouraq Indonesia Viscount of the 800 series.

This is probably the last viscount that Burkhard can include for the latest patch so I have replaced My-02 paint (which was supposed to be a 700-series type but it ran into problems) with this one.

I also include the SIM.cfg which is now a contiguous list of -00 to -10 .





The Textures:


and the sim.cfg file:


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