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Looking good, Dave.

Not an immediate one, as I don't want to drag this into a requests thread and especially if you're locking this batch at this point, but could you look into adding a British United livery at some point, please? They operated both the -700 and -800 variants of the Viscount, amongst many other types.


Ian P.

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sorry for being Nosy but you have put the incorrect callsigns in for all the airlines after the 2nd baraq paint and also the incorrect parking code for aer lingus (Should be EIN)

No need to apologise - any constructive corrections make my-traffic better. I just thumb-sucked the callsigns and codes, knowing that Burkhard would put in the correct ones - after all, we have to leave something for him to do :mrgreen:

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could you look into adding a British United livery at some point,

Of course I will - with pleasure. In fact there are many more still to come.especially some partially-prepared 700 series paints.

Please feel free to post requests and I'll see what i can do. I will give priority to requests.

Once the viscount series - both 800 and 700 - are done, then maybe we can twist Burkhard's arm for a VC10 model :razz:

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Hello Ed

The Air Canada is a series 700 Viscount.

As soon as Burkhard has had a chance (after the release of version 5.4a no doubt) to take a look at a small problem on the 700 model, then I will complete the already half-finished Air-Canada repaint.

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That will be a hard job for you, especially since I remember I have a raw one lying around...

Great. Wonderful. I love the VC10 almost as much as the viscount.

Hard Job? Maybe, but definitely a labour of love.

As soon as the viscount series is completed, BRING IT ON... :razz:

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but could you look into adding a British United livery at some point, please?[/CODE]

Ian, your wish is my command...

Here is the British United livery for the 800 series. It has a strange matte metallic cream paint-job on the wings and rear engine pods, as well as a slightly lighter matte cream belly. Also, the black radar nosecone is partially obscured by the weathered slightly faded twin stripe as well as being slightly painted out in a curve at the top. I have tried to reproduce this as accurately as possible. Since it was a special request, I have adjusted the window quantity and positions to fit the prototype.







and the Textures:


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Thanks Dave.

I'm having building issues with Nutts Corner at the moment to operate the BEA and BUA aircraft from - in that I cannot find out for the life of me what buildings were actually present when the airfield was in use (either as a military or civilian base of operations).

I've got a version in and working with a "guesstimated" technical area if anyone wants that - just let me know and I'll upload it - but it requires other object libraries so isn't suitable for anything else at present. If it's going to be a "time machine" airfield, I'd need new models of all the buildings... Which requires me to find out what on Earth they were!

Anyway, like I said, if anyone wants what I have, they're welcome to it. Just let me know. I don't *think* that there were any major differences - the commercial aircraft just used the big apron area to the east side of the 'field to load and unload.

Ian P.

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Yes Burkhard - the difference with somewhere like Nutts Corner, though, is that it never had a "terminal" as such - it was a wartime storage and aircraft transfer depot which was taken over once we had peaceful skies again and, it appears, wasn't changed a whole lot for the job. Therefore the buildings were RAF standard 1930s/1940s brick huts and similar. I know what they looked like, it's just a question of which ones were there.

I could do a version with FSX generic buildings, but they would look about as correct in time and place as a default "World Travel Airways" DC-3 would flying a modern schedule service from Heathrow to Frankfurt! I'll see what I can come up with.

Ian P.

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Here is the Air France 700-series Viscount.

When I was a child in the late 1950's I distinctly remember seeing this particular viscount at FAJS (Then called Jan Smuts Airport) and proudly telling my father that I had just found out that the lucky passengers who were currently boarding, were going on an air adventure where it would take 4 days to travel to Paris. In those days, viscounts would not fly at night, but make stopovers at waypoints for the night with passengers being put up in the fanciest hotels that Central and Northern African cities could provide. Flying was an adventure for the fashionable rich - espcially if you flew Air France!






and the Textures:


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Those were the days, my friend...

I'm sure there are many such stories with MyTraffic paints - if anybody wants to share it with us feel free to post it, that is on topic!

The first aircraft I remember in my life where the Lightnings and Hunters from ETUO - and twice a week a large plane bringing troops back from home holidays, and now guess that type.

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And of course, our Italian representative in the viscount 700 series.

On a technical note:

The horizontal blue stripes and the Alitalia stroked logo (only visible when viewed from quite close up) were actually amazingly difficult to get right with a bit-resolution of only 1024 x 1024 in the total texture map to play with. The stripes just didn't want to look evenly spaced bearing in mind that only 26 pixels were available between the two dark stripe edges, and into which 3 blue and 4 white stripes had to be squeezed. And they had to be parallel too! I wound up having to simulate half-pixel widths with anti-aliasing before it looked correct !






and the textures:


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