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I'm aware you are able to slice a bit into parts!

Err... Burkhard, I'm sure you know all about this, but there are probably other less-experienced potential repainters who are not aware that such a thing is even possible. :razz:

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And now one for the New Zealanders - Remember National Airways Corporation?

ZK-BRF - City of Christchurch - was one of the first Series 800 viscounts bought by New Zealand's NAC in 1956.

Here is a short anecdote:

When the NAC delivery crew were at Weybridge to collect ZK-BRF they met up with some personnel from Aer Lingus. Before they departed they noticed one morning that a small shamrock had been painted on the starboard nose door of their aircraft as a sign of good luck. This green shamrock image was no larger than a mechanic's hand and it stayed on the aircraft throughout its life and even now is proudly displayed on it at the Ferrymead Museum where ZK-BRF has been restored and repainted.





And the textures:


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Guernsey Airlines Vickers Viscount 800 series.

(Guernsey is a small island in the English Channel half way between England and France)

each Guernsey Viscount was painted differently with only the Guernsey coat of arms common to all aircraft.

This particular livery has the name of Viscount de Sausmarez emblazoned below the cockpit window as a tribute to James, Baron de Saumarez (without the "s") a prominent naval Admiral who was born on the island of Guernsey in 1757. The Saumarez line have been peers of the British realm ever since.







and the Textures:


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And there's another livery soon to be gone from the skies - or, well, its current incarnation is. BMIBaby is still up for sale, but is already shutting down routes and hubs. BMI won't be far behind, with its long haul sectors being rebranded into British Airways again and the short haul sectors simply disposed of.

Back sort-of on topic, does anyone know a good source of 1950s/60s aerodrome layout diagrams anywhere? I'm really struggling to find many, if any, and these repaints really need somewhere to live!

Ian P.

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In response to Burkhard's post on another thread, for which we will blame Internet Gremlins, yes, unfortunately, there were absolutely massive changes to most UK commercial airports, especially during the late 60s and early 70s. It was during that time when airline travel was getting cheaper and really taking off, so to speak, that most UK commercial airports started getting changed away from their RAF wartime roots and started being properly developed.

Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Teesside and similar airports, for example, weren't really in the form that they are now until the 1980s, well after the period we're discussing here. Belfast Harbour/Sydenham/City/George Best Airport (yes, they're all the same place) was a portacabin next to an apron until this millennium!

I guess it depends what people want.

Ian P.

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I think a selection of good old time airports, as good as possible based on the poor material ( In libraries the may be old maps ) which deliver the impression of that time would give a very good addon. Many airfields have been given up since then, these could be added even for today's flying...

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And now something for the Aussies: Trans Australia Airlines 700 series Viscount.

This particular one (VH-TVJ) was in service in the early 1960's and was named after Sir Thomas Mitchell - a surveyor and explorer of south eastern Australia in the 1820's






and the Textures:


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One more Viscount repaint to go

Once the next Viscount repaint is done, I will have completed 20 repaints. I then intend to turn my attention to the VC10.


If anyone would like a particular livery done, please request it now.

If there is more than one request, I will either pick one of them or I might even do all the requests if the mood takes me.

So, now's your chance...

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Last chance for any viscount requests. If no one posts here in the next 24 hours I will do the Air Zimbabwe livery as last repaint in this series.

If anyone (and that includes Burkhard) wants any other repaint in addition to Air Zimbabwe, please make your request here while I am still on a viscount roll.

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Sorry, I only now start to see land.

I have a 1966 copy of the JP-List, and going through the airlines listed there, I see ( excuse it I did not see you made it already)

Condor Flugdienst ( from Germany)

Air Inter (France)

Cambrian Airways

Channel Airways

Turkish Airlines

Sorry this is more than one. The biggest of them was Air Inter with 14 aircraft, Condor had 4, THY 3 in that year.

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Time for me to start finding default buildings that I can use to make a default-only rendition of Nutts Corner I guess... That'll cover almost all the UK, plus probably some near European (Dutch, French, possibly German) Viscount liveries... :lol:

I guess I'd better start another thread about rebuilding/backdating old airports. Heathrow should be possible, but I don't know a lot about the history of most airports, as my area of interest is before they existed or were converted to that use. VC-10s would be... Manchester for BOAC at a guess. Not sure where else. Anyway. That's for another thread.

Ian P.

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I have a story about the VC10 to tell.

I fle FRA-LHR-MIA-LIM some years ago. When we left Heathrow in the 747 heading to Miami, we could see a small, smoking gray passenger aircraft taxi rather nearby. Many passengers laughed about such a small and ugly old plane. I knew it was the British PM who flew to the celebrations of handing Hongkong over to China.

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Many passengers laughed about such a small and ugly old plane

From the point of view of a 747 it might look small, but surely not ugly?

I have never seen a VC10 next to a 747, but in my youth when VC10s were very prevalent on the London-Johannesburg route they were considered huge. So large, in fact, that Cape Town Airport (called DF Malan Airport until the early '90s) could not initially accept them and the main runway had to be lengthened. This was in the early '60s. Then 10 years later, DF Malan had to be lengthened again to accommodate the first 747s.

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