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My Traffic Pro 5.4, low frame rate problem


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I have recently purchased and installed Pro 5.4 with no problem, but on running FSX I am experiencing very low frame rates, particularly on the approaches ( within 4 to 5 miles of the runway ). I was previously using Just FlightTraffic X without this problem.

I have compared approaches at several default airports which have no add on scenery using the default 737 and find a reduction of 50% plus in the frame rates when My Traffic X is enabled compared to only default traffic. both with traffic set at 30%.

For instance, at Frankfurt Main EDDF I am getting an av frame rate of 55 on the approach to Rny 25R without My Traffic, and only 12 with it.

My system is

I7 950, 3.06GHZ, 6GB RAM, NVidea 480GTX Graphics.

Any ideas?

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Practically all CPU needs for AI traffic are the moving of the aircraft inside of FSX, something nothing can be done against. And all the AI tracking and all the scenery representation is done no the same core. so having four of them doesn't help. So I recommend you reduce the traffic density to what your hardware and software setup supports with a decent frame rate that I think is 23 fps - you still should see more planes in Frankfurt than you ever did.

30% means that world wide you see 30% less, but on airports that have their traffic mostly set on real world data and not artifically be enhanced, and Frankfurt is one of them, you may still see most of the flights, so lower numbers do not mean you don't see enough.

Still there must be something in your settings, since I see better frames on a slightly slower CPU with all settings only controlled by FSX sliders.

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I just bought the update yesterday and my computer is getting hammered. For the first time in years I am getting stutters. The traffic slider does indeed add alot more. My airline and general traffic are set at 10 % and I am getting a big performance hit. Even at 10 however, alot of traffic is being shown. I cannot imagine running alot more even if my system could handle it. You could probably jump from wing to wing.

I am still trying to find that sweetspot but 10 and reduced graphics models is all my system can handle.

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Traffic X is a small program compared to MTX V54. MTX Has several hundred more airlines then TX does and loads more aircraft and Hundreds Of thousands of more flights it's probably that, when I had my MTX Slider on 50 or so it gave me around the same flights as TX did on 100, I would say, just fiddle and find that sweet spot...

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The reaction to the sliders is linerar in average over the world, but may not be linear locally, this a lot more is programmed into this slider. As example there are areas of the world where there are excellent real time data on flights, and others where you go to prison if you publish them, so random mechanisms have to be used.

A very low slider settings warrants flights with a high level of reality are used. So if the airport is well covered by high trust data, 10% setting may mean most flights still show up, while on other airports it may mean practically none.

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