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Can a Airline be switched to a another Airline?


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Hello All

Back on Jan 1 2012 I had a topic about KEWR airport. Since then I have rebuild the airport from the ground up. It's about 75% done and starting AI flight testing. My first question is about changing airlines. I have looked at the manuels about setting up new airlines. But is it possible to take JETLINK which shows up on the Traffic Board as JETLINK which used to be Continental Express. And make it ExpressJet which used to be Atlantic Southeast. They are using the Continental Express E140's and E145 also E135. Can all this somehow just switch Airline names or does each flight have to redone?

Any short cuts? In the mean time JETLINK shows up on the flight schedules but gets cancelled any time its ready to land or depart. I use your version of My Traffic Live. Any thoughts on this would be help full. I have set 10 gates to recieve all United Express Continental Express and any other airline that might show up. Its JETLINK that has the problem. There are alot of these fights that leave EWR everyday. One last question why do the aircraft have problems taxing after landing. I have one taxiway that slows down progress. The aircraft leaves the runway comes to a stop on this taxiway. Some of the other aircraft will go to the next taxiway. But 50% of the time the other aircraft try to jam on to this taxiway. And then the go around's start. It takes awhile for the system decides to erase the aircaft putting them at the gates. Can anything be done here?

Thank You

John G

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Hm, let me see if I understand it correctly.

The first part is that you suggest to change the atc_airline code of ERJ145 MyPaint31, which is new united livery, from "JET LINK" to "EXPRESS JET?" I assume you refer to flights under the ASQ flight number, as example ASQ4544 . According to Wikipedia, Atlantic Southeast currently has ICAO code ASQ and callsign "ACEY", so would that be the better choice?

If an aircraft lands or not has not to do with the airline code, only what happens after it left the runway. Cancelation of flights that are once initiated and visible in traffic explorer should be a very rare event. If not then this indicates that the airport has a serious programming bug, or some settings overload your system. The effects you describe fit well with an overflow of the ATC stack - the stack can only keep a certain number of messages, and if a new one arrives to a full stack it just gets ignored and the aircraft sleeps there for 5 minutes. This happens often if the frame rate delimiter is set too high - ATC calls have very low priority, get delayed, pile up. I would either reduce traffi density of frame rate delimiter to attack this problem.

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Hi Burkhard

Sorry for not being more clear. Let me give you an example of my first question. Today I was watching the traffic at KEWR after reading your answer. I use the Super Traffic Board to watch what's going on at this airport I'm working on. The ExpressJet web site explains what has happened at Newark Airport. www.expressjet.com. So today I see JETLINK on the board due to land at 3PM. coming from Burlington VT. Then another Jetlink from Norfolk VA. As they come into range there is no info about its status. Then around the time its to land it gives a cancelled message on the status board. All these flights don't leave or arrive.

How can I change this flight from Burlington to Newark as a ExpressJet flight. And all the rest of all these flights that are now Expressjet. Do all of these flights that are now ExpressJet have to be redone one by one. Or is there a shortcut?

Example of second question Runway 4L is the departure runway. 4R landing runway. 4L is the closer runway to the gates. No problems with this. Landing runway 4R is the problem. Its the outer runway. There are maybe 120 gates and parking at Newark.

It seems that the departures are first on the list and landing aircraft are a far second. 1 flight landed taxied off the runway and sat on this taxiway for 15 min. Before ATC got around to them. I understand your reply. My traffic is set at 40 and ga at 30 on the sliders. Do these have to be lower? Also there is a cross runway in use 11/29. Which is used but today the winds were from west 300 at 15. The aircraft were landing on 11 and not 29. 29 is not a ILS runway is that the problem why the don't land on 29?

I have 4L set for departures on ASD. And landing turned off. 4R both are turn on. I tried with both runways doing both but then there were problems with departure's falling behind. Any suggestions on this.

Thank You Always

John G

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The arriving aircraft turn up as "Jet Link" because of the entry in the E145MX\sim.cfg for this aircraft is:

title=ERJ145 MyPaint31

atc_airline=JET LINK

If you change the second line to atc_airline=Lufthansa they will be Lufthansa, as well for the traffic board as for FSX - and I think the correct entry for them today is atc_airline=ACEY .

So changing this line is the shortcut you search for, it will be done with 5.4a.

FSX is programmed to check every AI flight that gets ordered by a schedule if a situation that it might require to delete it before the users eyes may appear. If this can happen, then FSX will reject the flight from the beginning. That is why it may appear in STB that does not perform these checks the algorithms have never been published.

So a programmed flight not to show up is an elementary design feature of FSX AI traffic, no chance to change it and no need to think about it.

There is another possibility where aircraft get lost, mainly during the first 30 minutes of simulation. Landing aircraft that are initiated at startup, and do not enter the reality bubble later, often begin their decent too late and cannot land in time. This is more visibile at very low airports, a big fight in Amsterdam, maybe this adds to the Newark problem.

If you do not see any E135/E145 landing after more than 40 simulated minutes, then it might be we have to work on the sim.cfg to increase descent rate/decrease landing speed.

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The second part - we have to live with the limitations the FSX ATC system has. Todays airports still are managed by real person controllers - nobody would give this task to a software. And the systems to help the controllers are optimized for each airport and cost ten thousands of $ per airport and per month. And don't come from Microsoft.

FSX has coupled its AI traffic to its ATC system. There is no way to complete steer AI traffic with an alternative ATC system. In the support forum for Prepare3D, there is a fruitful discussion about new simconnect functions which might allow this in the future - so hopefully in 5 years we can offer a better solution in Prepar3D - for FSX we have to live with what you observe forever.

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Hi Burkhard,

That info is what I was looking for about JETLINK and ExpressJet. Thank you for adding it to 5.4a. There is another airline that flies out of Newark that is not in the current version. Again its got to do with Continental. It was part of the Continental Connection before the merger. The airline that took this over is Commutair (United Express) UCA. Website is Commutair.com

They fly Dash 8Q-200/300. Can you please add this to 5.4a. Thank you all the info about AI flights and the airports. I have one last question. I'm using 5.4 and Mytraffic Live. Do the sliders work with Live? And is there a way to separate the landing aircraft? I have tried 10nm on STB but it does not seem to work or is Live affecting it? I'll have to post on the STB site.

Thanks for all your help, looking forward to 5.4a.

Thank you

John G

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Sorry, but for any wishes for 5.4a it is two months too late...

Yes, the sliders work with life, but most life flights are at low values. I never saw any working separation, while STB is the best one the possibilities are limited...

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