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4.8 + WideFS = files, money, or both?

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I understand that the FSUIPC 4.80 (as of 12 Feb 12) now incorporates WideFS server... so does this mean that I only need to purchase FSUIPC to gain WideFS functionality? Or is it only the files that are included togethor and I must //ALSO// purchase WideFS in order for it to work? The simMarket is (still?) running the EUR 18 for each product special, instead of the EUR 24 if purchased separately, and O-N-L-Y if purchased at the same time.

Based on the anouncement that 4.8 now /includes/ WideFS, I almost and nearly bought FSUIPC for EUR 24. Just as I was about to click the purchase button, a niggling feeling in the back of my brain told me that this might be too good to be true.

So... do I still need to purchase both? Thanks.


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Hi Jimmy,

What the "includes" means is that there are no longer seperate files for FSUIPC and WideServer - the WideServer content has been included in the FSUIPC .dll file.

You DO need to purchase seperate licenses for the two and licensing FSUIPC will not unlock the WideFS functionality or vice versa - the two can be licensed independently or together, but for full functionality of both WideFS and FSUIPC, licenses for both are required.

Does that help?

All the best,

Ian P.

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Thanks, sir, that does help and it is what I suspected. I'm not sure if there is a better way to word this on the Market site, but I nearly purchased the FSUIPC licence, thinking that it "included" the WideServer licence. That means that I would have paid full price for FSUIPC only to find out that I did not purchase WideServer, and had to go back to the Market and then purchase WideServer for it's full price, instead of getting the "special" for purchasing both at the same time. Again, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, and it might just be me being dense if it hasn't been an issue before.



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