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PMDG737NGX outputs - FSUIPC

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I am wondering if that is possible to gets outputs data like display and other state of system in pmdg737ngx to fsuipc?

My goal are to build a overhead panel with all the stuff and do not forget the MIP the "pilot side" include the landing gear lever and lights indication etc. etc. I have choosen opencockpit and dtheirs IOC program and the software commucates to fsuipc!

If I fsuipc can read the outputs data and I will be am able to give the aircraft input data throught fsuipc, its would be great :)

I have got a answer like bellow:

"You can send commands to the overhead via fsuipc but you can not read from it. To read information from the overhead such as switch positions and displays you will gave to uses the SDK that pmdg has provided with sp1c."

One other:

"Check the FSUIPC forums. You can read all the available data from the NGX SDK through FSUIPC. It's a set of predefined offsets.

I wrote a dll (ngxSDK2Lua) for that too, that uses Lua. It's posted in this forum somewhere."

I will get this information veryfied by a person who have make a own overhead to work in PMDG737NGX and/or by Pete Dowson!

I need this veryfied before I am going to buy and the en figure out that won´t work//

Best Fredrik

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Can you say how good or baad fsx is working with fsuipc particularly pmdg 737ngx and fsuipc!

What is not work and what is working ....!?

Everything FSUIPC can do it does, everything the PMDG 737NGX can do it does. I've no way of answering such a question in any other way. If you have specific questions about FSUIPC4 which are not answered in the documentation I can answer them here. For PMDG questions you will be better off in the PMDG forum unless others can jump in here, because I don't use any PMDG aircraft, and none of my hardware is standard (a PFC 737NG cockpit using Project Magenta).



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