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FSUIPC time sync to UTC

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I did as you suggested, and bought FS Real Time. After using it for a bit, I would much rather have an addition to FSUIPC do this via a tick box in the existing modules, rather than run another program. As they already distribute FSUIPC with their download, I'm guessing they are friends.....would it be possible to have that addition to FSUIPC incorporated? You could set it so it works ONLY if you have PURCHASED FS Real Time- thereby not disrupting the current relationship...... just a thought.

Hope all is well at your end? Are you getting time to relax as you had hoped?


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..would it be possible to have that addition to FSUIPC incorporated?

Sorry, I really do not want to add more facilities to FSUIPC except where they are not practical any other way. This is why I implemented the Lua plug-in facilties, so folks xcould add their own little utility facilities and so on. A small plug-in could do it easily enough. There is a standard Lua function "os.date" which returns date and time -- in fact optionally UTC (Zulu) time, which would fit the bill very well.

This sort of thing is also done quite well by other programs, as well as FSRealTime -- such as Aivlasoft's EFB data provider, for example.

Incidentally, there's no way I know for me to check someone's legitimate purchase or even existence of other programs.



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