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i am having a problem with sqauwkbox and FSUIPC

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i am using fs2004 i beleive i have got everything intalled correct.i can connect to vatsim fine but when i try to send a text message i get a error it says i am on a invalid freq. please download and install fsuipc. but i did and i got it in the modules folder and i put in the key that came with the program sbrelay it said thankyou you need to restart prgram so i did i tried this several times.i read the user guide. i am running xp so i made sure that i was in admenatrative mode.just wondering what i am doing wrong thanks.

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I'm not quite sure what to suggest here; it sounds like you've done everything right. The 'invalid frequency' message would suggest there is a problem with FSUIPC though. The key originally provided with SBRelay (which is needed for multiplayer to see other aircraft, but you can use Squawkbox without by clicking 'no multiplayer' on startup) may be incorrect. Check that you entered the following:



One way to check to see if you have got Squawkbox and FSUIPC interacting properly, is to try one of the 'dot' commands. In the main Squawkbox window, type

.x 1234

A message should appear to say 'XPDR SET' and your transponder should change to 1234. If it doesn't, then that's another sure sign there's something wrong with the FSUIPC link.

Let me know how you get on.

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