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I'm trying to assign the CDU LSKs to my Thrusmaster MFD buttons (in case you're not familiar with this, it's just a game controller with around 30 momentary push buttons). The only way that I can see to do this is via the keyboard. In the NGX, you can hold down the tab key and then press a function key (F1 - F12) to press the corresponding LSK on the CDU.

So, I've gone in to FSUIPC as usual and just set up the MFD buttons to assign the appropriate keystrokes tab-F1, etc.

And it works, but very unreliably (only about 1 in 4 button presses is recognised correctly). I suspect that what is required is more of a delay between holding down the tab key and the FN key; i.e. it should be something like hold down tab key , wait 0.5s, press FN key, release FN key, wait 0.5s, release tab key. I suspect that the default delay between the keystrokes is much less. Is there any way to do this?

Or, if anyone can suggest another way that I can map the LSKs to my controller (or for that matter the CDU function keys - MENU, LEGS, etc), I'd be very grateful to hear about it.


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Many thanks for replying, LINDA solves my issue and works flawlessly, I had seen LINDA on previous searches, but had been reluctant to install yet another add-on. However, your post got me to give a it go, and I must say I am blown away. And btw, to whoever did the config for the NGX -THANK YOU - I can only begin to imagine how much time and work it must have taken, having tinkered with lua + FSUIPC in the past.

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