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Jason Howell

where should the ai traffic sliders be for a "realistic" ai world?

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Just bought and installed MyTrafficX 5.4...everything is working fine, but i have heard that when the AI sliders are at 100 percent, MTX just "overflows" the AI and planes are everywhere. What settings would make for a "realistic" amount of AI? And if i set the sliders back...will i lose some airlines?

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Many users suggest that numbers between 25% and 40% are realistic.

Parts of the MyTraffic schedules are based on real world data, and for those airports which are not filled by these additional schedules are calculated on some algorithms. All these for airliners and cargo traffic are above 50%, so at 30% you will only see airliners based on real world data. If you fly in an area where data are not restricted and airlines are open with their data, you will see all of them, with a little side remark that many flight tracking sides rely on a special equipemt that all Airbus and Boeing airplanes have, but many Embraers don't have, but I mix more sources, but if at an airport you miss an Embraer that could be the reason.

If you fly in area where access to data is restricted, and airlines block their data, you will miss them and then prefer to higher the slider to see the automatically generated traffic.

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The settings for MyTraffic Life have the following meaning - keeping in mind that the aircraft actually do not report frequently, typically at departure, maybe once in between, and then when they request landing,and all "Live" tracking sites rely to 99.9% on extrapolation and 0.1% on actual data updates, so the last signal of a long range flight may be 12 hours old:

The density setting of a flight is (age of last information update/48 hours)**2 .

So at 100%, you will see every flight that files information the last 48 hours, so it may be you see a flight that took place yesterday if it is not daily.

At 50%, you will will see every flight that files information the last 12 hours, so you may start to miss a flight that left Sydney but has not reached Los Angelos Air Space yet - there is nothing in between recording the location.

At 30%, you will will see every flight that files information the last 4 hours, so the precision of the matching between truth and simulation will be high, but it will start that a significant number of flights just is missing.

At 10%, you will will see every flight that files information the last 29 minutes, so what you see is extremely realistic BUT you are almost blind unless you are in a region that is very well covered by surrounding ATC - so NYC or London will be very good, but LAX as example not since it is a local spot between the sea which is not covered and a barely covered desert.

This, by fortune, give an approximately linear response to the slider.

Edited in from the following topic.


If you put the AI traffic density slider below 50%, you should not see random traffic. Recommended settings are 20-30%, that is what FSX also sets initially.

Edited by Daveo
Additional info.

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