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My Traffic X 5.4 to 5.4a Patch breaks MD-83


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I recently installed the 5.4a Patch for My Traffic X in an attempt to update the planes showing in South Afica. In version 5.4 we had South AFrican airlines, 1time and Nationwide (this airline closed down long time ago). So installing version 5.4a it added Mango and Kulula (kulula having old paintings), however now my 1time MD-83 textures simply show up all white. It seems it is all MD-83 textures that are broken. I uninstalled everything, installed version 5.4 to see 1time on the MD-83, then applied the patch and again my MD-83 textures disappeared completely in FSX. They are still in the folders and the cfg files seem to include them. Any ideas why my MD-83 textures are disappearing? (Specifically noticeable in South AFrica Cape Town FACT airport where 1time flies them). The model itself is showing fine, but just completely white, while everything else is showing up correctly.

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Hi, thank you for your quick response. You are correct, it was indeed a white textured MD-83. What confused me is that when I ran without patch 5.4a and aircraft density to about 50% I saw many 1time MD-83s. When I ran patch 5.4a and selected schedule 2012 I saw none for the same time of day. When I increased the density to about 82% I saw 2 1time MD-83s but there's quite a few white MD80s. So it seems it's not an issue, it's just to do with the density. I wonder why there's so many white MD80s. I've never seen so many at Cape Town airport. Thanks for your help!

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