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Multiple keypress assignment

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Dear Pete,

I would need to know, please if it is possible to make a 3 keypress assignment to fsuipc.

I recall i read something about this some months ago but cannot find the thread anymore...

In my case i would like to set a switch to open cargo and AFT doors using SHIFT+E+2 and SHIFT+E+3.

I tried to input this into fsuipc but actually didn't work as it seems only 2 keypress commands can be used.

Is there a way to override this?

Many thanks


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Hi garel75

To do this, you can creat a lua files if you have a FSuipc 4.6 or higher, i think.

To Shift + E + 2:

1 Open the windows notepad

2 copy code below and past into notepad

ipc.keypress(69, 9)
ipc.keypress(50, 8)

3 save the file in fsx\modules directory with the name doors2.lua

4 start fsx and go to FSuipc > Keypress

5 assign a key as you want and select LUA doors2 in the list.

6 click in confirm

7 close de FSuipc

8 press the key as assigned.

to he Shift + E + 3, do he same but use code below and create another file called doors3.lua or use the name as you want.

ipc.keypress(69, 9)
ipc.keypress(51, 8)

Sorry for my bad english.


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I would need to know, please if it is possible to make a 3 keypress assignment to fsuipc.

As well as using a Lua plug-in as suggested by marcelo, for such simple things as multiple assignments you can simply edit the FSUIPC INI file to assign as many different keystrokes or controls (mixed if needed) to the one button. Just make one assignment in the FSUIPC options, then load the INI file into a text editor like notepad, find the assignment (by joystick and button number), and add more lines with new line numbers (the nmumbers before the =) in the same format fpr the additional keystrokes you need.

The list of key and shft codes is provided in the Advanced User's manual, and there are examples in that manual too.



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